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The Best Way to Insure a Growing Nurse Practitioner-Owned Medispa Business

One of the most common approaches to providing professional liability insurance that we see is for each individual practitioner to carry their own policy.  Nurse practitioners, estheticians, massage therapists, nutritionists, registered nurses, and medical doctors, each carrying their own annually-renewable and individually-priced medical malpractice policy.

This strategy works, and saves money, until the owner becomes concerned about the likelihood of a claim attaching the business and the owners.  Another challenge that is faced by many spa owners is monitoring renewals for all of these individual policies. There is also the issue of properly ensuring the medical directors.

The organizational spa policy is the answer. It is fine to also allow the individual practitioners to carry their own policies, but to properly insure the business, the owners, and all professionals acting on behalf of, employed by or contracted with the business, a Medical Spa Professional Liability  policy provides the answer. In fact, it is redundant for individual practitioners to carry their own policies when the responsibility should fall to the entity.

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Aesthetic Spas and IV Infusion Liability Insurance

The first Botox injection and other types of filler injections started years ago as a menu item offered by some dermatology and plastic surgery offices. Soon after experiencing phenomenal results and responses from these treatments, these physicians, nurses and professional estheticians began to expand their client base. 

IV infusion clinics provide intravenous vitamin and supplement treatments:  vitamin B12 boosters to increase metabolism and burn fat; vitamin D3 to  strengthen bones, teeth and immune systems, making up for the loss of it we're feeling from being cooped up inside; detox treatments that restore the natural proteins that make up our hair and nails with lipotropics agents; and lysine taurine and carnitine to ramp up sports performance.  IV hydration can help with hangovers headaches and nausea, provide energy, replenish essential minerals and electrolytes, and alleviate fatigue and stress.

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Medical and COVID Testing Laboratory Liability

Months before anyone had heard of COVID-19, the Phnom Penh lab had begun using a new system, introduced by researchers from the San Francisco-based Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, to answer questions about the genetic makeup of pathogens. This system consisted essentially of a commercial gene sequencer and sophisticated cloud-based software called IDseq, which identifies a virus or other pathogen from its genetic sequence. The Cambodian group was one of 11 international infectious disease laboratories using the technology to study diseases like dengue and malaria. But in late January, the Cambodian scientists turned their attention to sequencing the novel coronavirus that had recently landed at their door. 

If you are opening or currently run a lab and are adding Covid testing to your lab procedures, we can help you obtain the proper Diagnostic Laboratory Professional Liability Insurance.

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Starting Your Own Mobile Service for Skin Care and Injectables

If you have started your own part-time,  mobile service for skin care and injectables, and now you're growing—providing more medical aesthetic services, continuing your journey in training and certifications, achieving more medical credentials—you need a Medical Professional Liability Insurance policy. 

You need a policy that grows with you to match your business completely, a policy that understands and accommodates the services that you are providing.

Medical Spas are continuing to grow. The industry is expanding and the rate of change requires insurance companies that are committed, competitive and responsive to claims. A Medispa Professional Liability Insurance policy must provide insurance to cover you for injectable services in an established spa setting as well as in customers' homes and at conventions. These common settings help you to grow your business. Your insurance contract also needs to grow with you as you add other providers: nutritionists, dietitians, massage therapists, colon hydrotherapists and other wellness professionals. 

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Hospitalist and Urgent Care Medical Professional Liability Insurance

Urgent Care CentersHospitalist Groups, centers for integrative wellness and growing functional medicine groups all share a common challenge of needing to find an affordable Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy. 

These policies need to provide liability insurance for the entity, including all medical doctors, owners and laypeople.

The practitioners—medical doctors, mid-level providers and other specialty health care allied practitioners working on behalf of the organization—all need to be covered, or at least ideally should be covered, on the same policy. Premium development should consider actual risk (i.e. number of consultations, visits, encounters and annual revenue). These hospitalist and urgent care policies use these risk-based metrics to develop pure premiums. Most medical malpractice policies develop their premiums based on specialty category, full- or part- time, and considering the territory.

Then, the premium increases from there. The claims made process 

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Medical Professional Liability Insurance Premiums are Rising

 The Doctors Insurance Agency specializes in providing medical malpractice insurance for physicians groups and facilities.

 Internal medicine and its subspecialties have historically had some of the most competitive premiums in the United States.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has developed an understanding of which carriers are financially strong and committed in each of these specialties, so that we can provide physicians and groups with the best options. Understanding these specialties can help physician owners, shareholders and partners in these medical groups properly structure their liability contract and save thousands in premium costs. 

For example, gastroenterologists frequently work in association with freestanding Surgery Centers and Endoscopy Centers.

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Physicians ask if their Medical Malpractice Policy will Cover them for Independent Medical Evaluations

Independent Medical Evaluation Liability Insurance 

Many physicians ask if their Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy will cover them for independent medical evaluations. As in most situations involving coverage issues the answer is it depends. The important steps to take are to run it by your broker agent or underwriter. 

The ‘Opinion or Consultation Claims’ 

Many professionals are asked to review files and offer their evaluation, opinion or consultation on medical treatment and protocol. These kinds of claims are not contemplated by medical malpractice policies, so these kinds of claims are often denied.

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More Nurse Estheticians are Making The Commitment to Open Their Own MediSpa

With training consisting of hours of supervision and specialized techniques, nurse estheticians are licensed to remove wrinkles, hair and varicose veins, enhance lip size, and perform sclerotherapy and many other applications and procedures all by injection. Many times, nurse estheticians make the commitment to open their own medi spa, and if that’s you then we can help you to insure yourself alone. This, of course, requires a Medical Spa Professional Liability policy that is more inclusive, and the cost and process can be simple.

Contracting and expanding with you, the policies are designed and priced to respond to only the procedures you are performing, which are represented on your annual application. Insuring medispa’s  owned by physicians, advanced practice providers and nurse estheticians, the Doctors Insurance Agency has worked in this niche for 20 years and will partner with you as you grow to take on more technicians and techniques and utilize innovative products and procedures. 

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In the Coronavirus era, the Importance of Combining Remote Telehealth with Physical Presence

When Hospitalist Medicine was first introduced around the early nineties, medical malpractice companies were unsure of how to underwrite, rate and manage the risk.

Over time, by taking chances and using internal medicine rating equivalents, the specialty proved that quality of care was improving and claims were not presenting at the rate anticipated.

Hospital administrators, surgeons in the community, and primary care groups all began to partner with the specialty. The elusive goals of increasing access to care, improving quality and decreasing cost seemed to be achievable, at least in theory. One of the challenges for hospitalist groups was determining how to sustain their business model and how to provide Medical Malpractice Insurance.

This staffing responsibility more closely, if not exactly, resembled emergency medical groups. These groups are committed to providing a medical doctor trained in hospitalist medicine to be physically present at all times at these facilities.

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Medical Care Consultants and Advisor Liability Insurance

Some Medical Malpractice Insurance policies only activate, or “trigger,” when the insured clinical provider (M.D., N.P., P.A., or any other professional healthcare provider) is engaged in providing Direct Patient Care, often called DPC in the medical malpractice niche of the insurance industry.

Unless there is a breach of duty owed to the patient (or client) receiving medical care, resulting in a claim or demand for reparations or damages restoring the pained, injured person to whole (or better), then the policy will not respond.

The underwriters or claims representatives will say that they need the action that is insured to happen, which triggers the policy to act.  If no action occurs against the insurable events, then it is not the right policy.

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