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Are You Looking for The Right Insurance for your Aesthetic Spa?

Professional Liability Insurance for Spa, Injectables and Laser

When you've been looking online and asking friends for the perfect answer :
affordable, comprehensive appropriate insurance for your injectable, aesthetic skin and laser – your spa business.

You want to find the right insurance with a stable insurance carrier and you have finally done so!…only to be asked to sign the bold disclosure form indicating that the company with which their insurance is place is not licensed by the state of California.

What is up with these ‘disclosure forms’ that you’re asked to sign in order to buy your liability insurance to insure your laser, injectable spa business:??

Question: There is a disclosure that this Insurance company is not licensed in California and therefore if I get this policy I don't have the protection of the Insurance Guarantee Funds created by California Law, which for many reasons I obviously would like to have!!??
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Can I insure my Expanding Wellness Center to Cover Nutritional Counseling via Telemedicine?

Do I need to cover my Independent Contractors?

I'm a Chiropractor , I have my own insurance, I just need you to cover everyone else..? We've started doing Injectables off sight to expand the business, how can I cover my Aesthetician for doing Botox Injections or IV Hydration therapy at businesses, parties, association meetings? My Medical Director is going to prescribe medicine and lifestyle counseling to men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or Age Related Hormone related issues.

These are the questions that are becoming more frequent and the problems that The Doctors Insurance Agency in Northern California can solve (with our national healthcare liability insurance brokerage network).
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Doctors and or Nurses Doing Injectables and thier Professional Liability Insurance

We are often asked what the professional liability insurance policy that is issued covers (after a review of the injectable services application)

The applications that are reviewed prior to issuing these policies are completed by our doctors, nurses, physician assistants, registered nurses and aestheticians. They are all protected for these specific services as outlined :

Essentially the question is: how do I know that I’ve purchased the right professional liability policy to protect me for performing aesthetic injectable (Kybella, Sculptra, Restylane, Botox) The answer is that these underwriters specialize in this class of risk:
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Functional Medicine Malpractice Insurance

If you are practicing preventive healthcare, anti-aging hydration, nutritional therapy, IV therapy, hormone replacement and/or chelation therapy, The Doctors Insurance Agency and our creative insurance partners like Beasley, Lloyd's of London, and Admiral Insurance Group would like to help you find the right coverage.

The Physician Insurance Association of America (PIAA) is made up of insurance companies that are financially strong and experienced in the careful discipline of underwriting medical malpractice policies. The Doctors Insurance Agency works with doctors in every medical specialty to find competitively priced, discounted premiums supported through risk management efforts, claims free experience and affiliations with quality medical centers and hospitals

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MediSpa and Wellness Center Professional Liability Policies

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency has worked closely with knowledgeable underwriters to promote and place affordable professional liability insurance for the medical directors who are working with (even taking an ownership interest in) these wellness centers.  Our policies cover the independent estheticians, the PA’s, NP’s and other paramedical providers.  The various segments of the wellness spa centers  making up this  industry are diverse and include, among others, healthy eating and weight loss, fitness, alternative medicine and the spa industry.
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What does 'admitted insurer or non admitted insurer mean?'

Lately, with so many medical groups and individual physicians practicing in telemedicine (or aesthetic laser, medispa’s, urgent care, integrative medical, wellness, chiropractic aesthetic, interstate telemedicine, etc…..) the standard insurance carriers have started to decline requests  to provide  coverage in these evolving areas. So, insurance agents and brokers are required to creatively and resourcefully market these ‘risks’ (insurance jargon for ‘healthcare organization seeking insurance) to some ‘non admitted carriers. MediSpas, Urgent Care Centers, Family Practices engaged in Integrative wellness, chiropractors incorporating aesthetic and nutritional counseling and  telemedicine businesses start to look for professional liability insurance, they sometimes find the Admitted, standard markets to be closed. So, understanding the difference for purposes of feeling good about and having confidence in your  professional liability solution is i ...
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Are you covered by the Spa where you work ?

Cosmetic Nurses purchasing their own liability insurance: There are two reasons that we experience cosmetic nurses purchasing their own professional liability insurance. The first is that they assumed they were covered by the supervising physician or the entity for which they work. The second reason is: they are finding that their services are in high demand and the business is growing with multiple contracts with different Health Care Organizations. Are you covered by the Spa where you work ? If you are signing new contracts, you may be asked to carry your own malpractice insurance.  In some instances, your employer, or the physicians or medispas with whom you contract may even think that you don’t need professional liability insurance.  We have insured a Plastic Surgeon in California for years for his own medical malpractice insurance.  And, after contracting with three nurse practitioners and three registered cosmeticians, all of whom were providing injections and la ...
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Insuring unusual Medical Practices

How to insure the unique Physician practice profile When the practice profile is unique, or just doesn’t fit the usual, customary and conventional, Like a medical spa or a family physician who runs an urgent care center, acts as a medical director for a local fire department and sees patients in nursing homes, the insurance niche that handles this is called surplus lines. What is Excess and Surplus Lines and how does it impact Allied Health Providers and Mid Levels Physicians, Midwives and other health care providers are often forced to find insurance at higher rates, or just do not find the right fit. With the continued presence and development of the surplus lines markets, these healthcare providers are newly finding that they can access a Medical Malpractice Insurance market that previously had been available only to very large groups and to practitioners who could not find coverage. The spa procedures, utilization review, administrative duties or other procedures that are considered new a ...
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Professional Liability Insurance for healthcare facilities, diagnostic centers and medical directors.

We insure many miscellaneous medical professional liability risks. Risks is used commonly in the insurance business to describe potential and existing clients….after all, to the insurance underwriter, everything is measured in ‘Risk’. Our agency has been insuring physicians and paramedical providers for years.   As healthcare continues to evolve, in the midst of this revolution and overhaul to this enormous part of our nation’s economy, innovations continue. We use a national network of insurance carriers to assist us in finding the right policy for the right professional liability risk: Innovations in healthcare need insurance policies: The innovations require insurance.  Often times, the answer financially to the frustrations felt by so many bright, trained, educated physicians is to find something else to work on: to find another rewarding and challenging opportunity; an innovation in medicine. Pharmaceutical companies are hiring and contracting for services, Workers com ...
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