Medical malpractice Insurance-with or independent of The Hospital

Hospitals are aligning in many different ways with physicians, surgicenters, labs and imaging centers.  Alternative healthcare providers, integrated delivery systems, independent physicians and hospital employed physicians can use their leverage of belonging to a medical group to allow them to purchase individual limits that provide comprehensive medical malpractice insurance at greatly reduced, discounted premiums.  

With 10 dedicated agents, national alliances with consultants, financial and clinical healthcare managers and administrators, connections to carriers in just this area of insurance, The Doctors Insurance Agency can help you.  If you are not or if you are underrepresented to your carrier, we should start this process.  The Doctors Insurance Agency works tirelessly to approve and apply rates and discounts.  We know when to split the risk and protect your physician malpractice limit and loss experience.  Do not be underrepresented.  If you are a medical group, perhaps you can participate in risk sharing by taking a small deductible.  Hospital acquisitions of physician practices will bring unexpected and unmanaged claims to the mainstream physician carriers.  

Employed physician’s new alliances with deep pocket facilities could lead to inflated, upward claims pressure.  There has never been a more important time to consider specialized medical malpractice insurance representation. The advocacy could save you thousands of dollars!


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