How Much is Medical Expert Witness Liability Insurance?

According to The Expert Institute, an online news source, expert witnesses play a critical role in the judicial process. The testimony of these professionals can swing juries, educate judges on complex technical subjects, and ultimately win lawsuits. And for many clinicians, physicians and surgeons looking for a new challenge, travel and supplemental income opportunities, expert witness opportunities are available and growing.

This work is for individuals with advanced expertise in any discipline – from Allergists to Therapeutic Radiology; from Orthopedists to Neurosurgeons– the diversity of civil litigation means that there is a consistent demand for experts.

In return for their assistance, expert witnesses receive compensation from the attorney who retains them. This compensation can vary based on the type of work done, and is negotiated between the expert and attorney directly.

Over the past 23 years SEAK has helped thousands of physicians start and build successful expert witness practices., which has a mission of helping physicians build and/or replace their clinical practice income.
This source points out some of the compelling advantages to becoming a physician expert witness include:

• Extremely Lucrative – bill at up to $500 per hour and earn an extra $100,000+ by devoting just 4-5 hours per week to expert witnessing. Successful expert witnesses can make $200,000-$300,000 or more per year to supplement their clinical practices.
• Low risk and low overhead.
• Most work consists of chart review and can be done from your home office.
Their website is:

The Doctors Insurance Agency is working with physicians on a weekly basis to find the most affordable and complete  Medical Expert Witnesses Professional Liability Insurance Policy and, this trend is consistent with our experience in underwriting and binding medical expert witness liability policies.

The policies are approximately $ 1,700.00 per year for limits of 1 Million per claim and 1 Million aggregate (although we can request a higher aggregate to be consistent with contractual stipulations requiring 3 Million.

These policies include the important ‘e MD data breach endorsement which provides the following limits.

-MD® Sublimit Endorsement (E1847HCE-0313) is included as follows:
Network Security and Privacy Insurance (3rd Party): $25,000 per Claim in the aggregate
Regulatory Fines and Penalties Insurance: $25,000 per Claim in the aggregate
Customer Notification and Credit Monitoring Costs Insurance: $25,000 per Claim in the aggregate
Data Recovery Costs Insurance (1st Party): $10,000 per Claim in the aggregate
Media Liability Insurance: $25,000 per Claim in the aggregate

Whether this is the next interesting supplemental career challenge, an opportunity to deduct some expenses of travel or a proven method of supplementing your clinical income, many physicians have started this work and our insurance agency can help you obtain medical expert witness liability insurance.

The Doctors Insurance Agency works with a national carrier to provide this affordable and important insurance.


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