How a Surgery Center Insurance Policy is Rated?

Surgery Center Professional Liability Insurance policies are very flexible. For stand-alone surgery centers, we often recommend policies that base premium on the number of scheduled procedures vs. pricing by the number of providers. These type of policies are often referred to auditable policies as the premium is calculated based on the actual number of procedures performed during the policy period and requires the insured to track and submit this number at the end of the policy year.

Sometimes, we can even cover the facility on a physician's individual Medical Professional Liability Insurance policy (depending on how the policy is structured and who is performing the procedures at the Surgery Center).

Surgery Center Professional Liability policies provide a separate set of limits for the center and are written in the name of the Surgery Center. This important coverage includes all agents, employees, proprietors, owners, directors, officers or partners while acting within the scope of their surgery center duties.

Surgery Center policies are rated on a per procedure basis and are audited annually. All procedures performed in the surgery center, including those performed by you and/or your group, are counted in the annual rating. Initially you would provide an estimated amount of annual procedures. Employed and contracted physicians as well as mid level providers (C.R.N.A., N.P. or P.A) can be included in the policy at no additional premium. Employed doctors can be added at reasonable rates. The broad definition of insured can include coverage for the medical director of the facility.

Surgery Center premiums have increased in recent times, however we can still find competitive coverage. We would like the opportunity to go to the market with some of the leading insurance companies for the most competitive premiums to rate the risk of your Surgery Center.


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