Insuring Hospitalists for Medical Malpractice Insurance

Hospitalists who are contemplating their Medical Malpractice Insurance should consider The Doctors Company (TDC). They have been endorsed by the Society of Hospital Medicine, which brings in partnership with The Doctors Company's  online risk management programs which are easily accessed and completed online, but the major benefit is the unique and innovative structure of their Medical Malpractice Insurance policies. Being underwritten by The Doctors Company can effectively eliminate the high cost of tail, which can inhibit recruitment and create prohibitively expensive administrative costs.

The Doctors Insurance Agency works with 20 different companies to ensure competitiveness. Interstate contractual compliance, active risk management partnership, and managing your malpractice insurance should be a collaborative effort between your Chief Operating Officer, risk manager, clinical managers and administrators. The Doctors Insurance Agency understands the difficulty of keeping pace with hospital contracts and the staffing requirement of having a physician in each location, floor or department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to the group roster hybrid policies, which are a combination of occurrence and claims made that eliminate the high cost of tail, The Doctors Dompany and the Society of Hospital Medicine bring an additional program discount to the members and participants in this medical malpractice insurance program.
Members are eligible to receive a credit on their malpractice insurance when they complete the patient safety course. The patient safety representatives are available twenty-four hours a day, through cell phone, email and calendar availability for site visits and real-time consultations.
The most common topic in hospitalist medicine groups is the unique challenge they face with the communication details involved in handing off patients from hospitalist to attending physician to surgeon to hospital staff.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has been working with hospitalist physicians for 25 years. Working in collaboration with The Doctors Company underwriting Department, we have helped to develop premium entail endorsements that resemble  emergency medical policies,  which of course have to contemplate the future costs of covering canceled positions in the future for the services they provide on behalf of the group.

With the increased role outpatient clinics and hospitals are playing in the delivery of healthcare, there is a corresponding increase in attention to improving the quality of care.  Hospitalist groups therefore benefit from risk management partnerships.
The Doctors Insurance Agency can help you manage growth without increasing cost when adding physicians. Your medical malpractice insurance policy can make the difference. Our focus on policies that scale and use the number of visits as the premium metric rather than the number of physicians in your group can save you thousands of dollars in malpractice insurance premium for hospitalist groups. Calculating premium based on patient encounters rather than the number of physicians is an important detail to grow your group.

Other mandatory details for Hospitalist Group Medical Malpractice Insurance are providing tail to all physicians by canceling physicians with tail following them, and allowing the group to onboard new physicians without adding premium costs  within the same day. Risk management partnerships will help your group avoid claims and reduce the size of the settlement demands. The Doctors Company patient safety team brings improved attention to the details of hospitalist communication and practice standards to your administrative team, as the product of The Doctors Company's national exposure to hospitals, physicians and patient safety experts.

It is at once important to consider the strengths and experience of the carrier, as well as their understanding of the prohibitive cost of tail, when choosing a medical malpractice carrier to reduce the cost for hospitalist physicians. Our agency will help you with the recruitment effort by assuring physicians of the continuous coverage provided. If it does not work out and they cancel within a few months, or even years, the former insured endorsement saves you money and helps you recruit doctors both within and out of state.

Understanding the medical professional liability insurance, network security, and cyber administrative medical defense coverage is as important as practicing good safe medicine. The Doctors Insurance Agency brings 30 years of experience in the specialized field.


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