When you might need another one or two medical malpractice insurance policies.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency in Novato California has represented The Doctors’ Company for 24 years. Our agency mission is simple.  Never stop working. Never stop reading and understanding the complex risk off healthcare liability.  We just focus on knowing the company, The Doctors’ Company for physician medical malpractice insurance, and other specialty carriers where other risks must be contemplated and understood. Physician Medical Malpractice Insurance is not ‘black and white’ so to speak.

There are times when a physician is involved in a number of endeavors, they may all be covered by the same insurance policy, or they may require separate policies customized to respond to each risk.

Representing The Doctors’ Company, Medical Malpractice Leader in the nation

Since 1988, we have been working to represent physicians to The Doctors’ Company;  The Doctors’ Company is the nation’s largest physician owned medical malpractice insurance company.

The Doctors’ Company Medical Malpractice Insurance Carrier expands into Utah

Having just completed another carefully selected acquisition partner,  TDC expands its ability to provide insurance throughout the Mountain States through the acquisition of UMIA (another physician owned medical malpractice insurance company in Utah.

Over the many years of assisting physicians obtain the lowest cost medical malpractice insurance.

The Doctors Insurance Agency knows which discounts to apply

We have learned.  We continue our habit of meeting each hour with our underwriters to know each available; there are national discount programs, local risk management programs and specific practice profile credits that can be applied .

By studying the unique nature of medical malpractice insurance, by living in the process of underwriting policies across the country (from Psychiatrists in North Carolina to Orthopedic Surgeons in Lake Tahoe, we learn every day which policy discounts and endorsements apply most accurately.

One Policy May not work:

We have learned that sometimes one policy is enough to cover each element of a doctor’s practice, and, there are times.  Some occasions when the physician can cover the medical offices, dba’s, corporate entities, and all mid-level providers with just one policy.

There are even occasions when a large medical group can take on junior partners, add physicians and mid-levels to support the growth of the practice…and, they will still cover it all with one policy.

And, in order to insure them all, the many extensions to the physician’s practice, the separate limit entity policy must extend beyond that which it was originally intended.  An example of the entity extending beyond its capability is: a plastic surgery group finally making the decision to open its surgery center up to the community, expanding the size of the center and aligning with the hospital.  The hospital and the community (hopefully) will bring much more business to the center, which can be great for the center’s owners bottom line.

And, certainly, there is more risk that accrues to the center.  

During that time, the malpractice insurance need expands with the business expansion. No longer can the one ‘entity’ separate limit respond appropriately for all claims that can name against the center.  The one entity concept is really geared for a closed medical practice, where the same insurance company that insures the group insures the entity, each physician and the medical group share the common malpractice insurer.  Scenarios where this is common is with a Nephrology group and the Dialysis Center, or with the Gastroenterologists and the Endoscopy Center, or with the aforementioned Plastic Surgery Group and the Surgery Center.

Covering the entity, the center, surgery center, lab, or dialysis center is truly a community place of medical services, a separate policy is necessary to protect the individual limits of the physicians using the facility and owners.

In this case, The Doctors’ Company (or Admiral or Evanston or any number of facility providers) offers a separate, individually underwritten professional liability policy to respond to claims naming just the surgery center.  This separate limit will insulate and protect the limits of the physicians because of the separate pool of insurance and defense dollars available.  The physicians are left out of the entity claims entirely.

In the case where the physician practicing in California owns a medical facility in neighboring Arizona, the facility policy will respond protecting the physician owner’s claims experience, assets and reputation from being marred by the claim against the investment, facility business.

 Not all medical practices should be considered ‘together’ or as one

We have learned that not every application fits into the underwriting guideline for standard ‘conventional’ malpractice insurers.  And, in the process of learning to present and understand each practice, our agency is developing special skill at placing the ‘risk’ with the right insurance carrier.  An example of medical practices that may look alike to the novice are the following:   in fact, these medical practices require their own particular insurance policies:

There are wellness clinics, urgent care centers, hospitalists, emergency physicians, physicians providing services over the phone, telemedicine…the landscape of services, technologies, medical methodology is changing.

We have learned, in working with physicians, internal medicine, family practice, pediatricians in California and surrounding states, that no one practice looks alike. This is a relatively new phenomenon as just ten, even five years ago, physician practices presented in a much more uniform manner.

Now, Pediatricians working in their own Medispa are not uncommon; Plastic Surgeons working as advisors to Aesthetic Laser Companies, Dermatologists owning a chain of Aesthetic Laser Skin Centers, Emergency Room Physicians investing in and operating retail store front primary care centers.

These are all viable, common medical practice structures that our agency sees, daily. In California and out of state,

 North Carolina and California, Florida and Washington State, Many solutions:

We have a North Carolina Pathologist, providing pathology services in seven states, we have a dermatology practice specializing in telederm services with the use of cell phone technology.

We have a General Surgeon providing hospitalist services alone as an independent contractor, And, an Otolaryngologist working from her own office, providing real-time, “Skype” medical consultations, using secure, encrypted data technology.

 These are all practice iterations that present daily to The Doctors’ Insurance Agency, So, our experience in looking for the right medical malpractice insurance solution has become easier in some regards, because we have seen so many different practice structures, and we are building a stable of able, specialized insurance solutions to help u find the right fit.

And, the job of finding the right carrier is more complex because of the need of many physicians to be resourceful, to engage in practice outside their practice.

So, for practice risks that fall  just outside the practice of conventional specialty specific medicine, as defined by the American Board of Medical Specialties, The Doctors’ Insurance Agency has the experienced and educated expert agents committed to the process of finding the right policy.


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