Medical Malpractice Insurance Benefits, expanding to outpatient facilities

The Doctors Insurance Agency is evolving to stay relevant to the revolution in healthcare.

Medical Malpractice Coverage is at the center of our solutions.

for Physicians and Surgeons, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Chiropractors and Allied Health Providers.

High volume, lower margin, lower cost:

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency specializes in low cost, direct to physician experienced representation of medical malpractice insurance.

From the direct patient care liability to the expected rise in vicarious liability arising from Physician’s employment of midlevel providers, our agency can assist you in finding the right coverage.

We deliver superior coverage and are search for carriers able to honor the promise made when the premium  is collected.

We have to find carriers that are going to be able to  defend and research aggressively the various types of medical malpractice actions that are presented.

If you are one of the many physicians who have had a slightly above average closed claim, or more than the statiscal norm, then your policy may have a surcharge, or actually be non renewed.  We have Flexible Options for Non-Standard Risks:

Non standard physicians can present to underwriting, and receive offers that are modified to share the risk, not to just increase the premium.

There is almost always a percentage added to the cost of a standard, specialty premium. But, there is some possibility of returning to the  normal, discounted market after a few years of claims free, active risk management participation.

That is one of the accomplishments that dedicated, experienced professional liability insurance agents can bring to your medical practice, Advocacy!

We believe all health care professionals should have the option of securing malpractice coverage from a financially stable, U.S.-domiciled insurance carrier. Our subsidiary, Professional Underwriters Liability Insurance Company (PULIC), offers high-quality coverage to those who have difficulty obtaining coverage in the standard markets.

If we cannot find you quality coverage with this company, our national alliances will yield something; The Doctors’ Company protects 73,000 physicians and surgeons nationwide, they offer benefits that are not entirely unique to TDC, and, they provide important, innovative benefits not available through all insurers.

including MediGuard®, CyberGuard®, and the Tribute® Plan, our breakthrough financial benefit—that strengthen the practice of medicine while making it more rewarding.

Free tail coverage—For members who have been insured by The Doctors Company for five continuous years, we offer free tail coverage upon retirement from the practice of medicine or in the event of disability or death.

MediGuard—We automatically provide MediGuard coverage as part of our medical malpractice policy. This important coverage provides you with legal representation for administrative actions brought by Medicare/Medicaid, medical licensing boards, credentialing reviews and actions, professional review organizations, federal agencies regarding EMTALA, and the DEA.

CyberGuard—Privacy and data security exposure is the fastest growing threat to your medical practice or facility. As a member, you receive cyber liability protection as part of your core coverage. CyberGuard protects you against claims arising from the theft, loss, or accidental transmission of electronic patient information, as well as regulatory fines and penalties, and the cost of data recovery. We also offer CyberGuard for Large Groups.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency also helps you insure your medical group, the corporate entity, whether it is an outpatient facility or a clinic,

We can find you coverage to insure all employees and midlevel’s.

Physicians are expanding their services to include work with  medispas, holistic medical clinics, acupuncture, surgery centers, urgent care, hospitals, nursing homes, continuing care and home medical environments.  The Doctors’ Insurance Agency is working hard to provide fast, appropriate, affordable solutions.

We would love to go to work for you.



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