Professional Liability Insurance for healthcare facilities, diagnostic centers and medical directors.

We insure many miscellaneous medical professional liability risks. Risks is used commonly in the insurance business to describe potential and existing clients….after all, to the insurance underwriter, everything is measured in ‘Risk’.

Our agency has been insuring physicians and paramedical providers for years.   As healthcare continues to evolve, in the midst of this revolution and overhaul to this enormous part of our nation’s economy, innovations continue.

We use a national network of insurance carriers to assist us in finding the right policy for the right professional liability risk:

Innovations in healthcare need insurance policies:

The innovations require insurance.  Often times, the answer financially to the frustrations felt by so many bright, trained, educated physicians is to find something else to work on: to find another rewarding and challenging opportunity; an innovation in medicine.

Pharmaceutical companies are hiring and contracting for services,

Workers compensation companies are paying millions to claimants lingering on claim,

Accountable Care organizations are partnering with medical groups, allied health providers, and physicians to firm up the services provided.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency is providing insurance to many different types off innovations.

Some of the risks that we are now insuring include the following:

An  Internal Medicine Physician opening a Medical Spa, ends up growing, expanding, under his/her supervision and becoming a viable, profitable part of their business.

A Pain Management Specialist begins doing clinical trials and forms an LLC with other practitioners to begin marketing the services to the medical and research and pharmaceutical industry. 

A retired Orthopedic Surgeon sees an opportunity to stay busy by doing Orthopedic Evaluations with the state to assist them in monitoring their many workers compensation claimants. 

Dermatologist begins to compound a skin formula, now selling and acting as medical director of a distribution and manufacturing company.

A Nurse Practitioner becomes a part owner of an integrative wellness clinic.

We can help provide the miscellaneous policies necessary to cover the healthcare facilities, the providers who take their turn as acting medical directors.  The broad coverage form includes protection to the shareholder owners, the employees and often times, the vicarious liability that rises to the entity for the services and claims presented by the physicians contracting with the entity.

Without miscellaneous professional liability covering Electroneurodiagnostic Technology Centers, MediSpa’s, Colon and Hydrotherapy, Surgery Centers, Endoscopy labs, medical homes and medical directorships, the physicians and the owners and the employees are all bare!

Insure the Medical Entity to protect your own physician’s liability limit

Additionally, if you are working with a medical entity such as one of these mentioned, your medical malpractice insurance policy (or your personal assets) will be the source of the payment.

Before turning down an innovation, an opportunity to serve as a medical director to a utilization review company, or a healthcare device manufacturer, or a special anesthesia/pain management association of physicians, ask us to help you process the information.  We will approach our network of insurance carriers to find the most accurate quote.

Clinical Pathologists’ Medical Director Liability Policies

One situation which comes to mind is a group of independent pathologists, each working on their own. They had an opportunity to provide medical director services for a clinical research company,  the work required was going to be too much for any one of them, so working out of their Arizona offices, we were able to provide them with separate medical director professional liability insurance policies for less than $ 3,000 per year.  These policies will allow them to sign more contracts and expand their clinical research exposure.

A Family Practitioner is expanding his services by signing contracts overseeing the telemedicine services provided by a network of physicians throughout California.  The Family Practitioner reviews the treatment plans and sends her thoughts and findings and conclusions to the Telemedicine Provider Company.   By working in this manner, the Family practice physicians is able to begin new, innovative work in the area of telemedicine without travelling, without closing her independent physicians practice.

Telemedicine continues to expand

We have another physician, a general surgeon providing real time patient consultations from her central valley office. This work allows her to interact with more patients, to help them take the frightening but at times lifesaving step to get to a local surgeon of physician to give some budding medical problem attention.

Miscellaneous ,medical professional can be an urgent care center which is working to provide affordable medical malpractice insurance to recruited contracted physicians, it could be used to provide the medical director coverage for a physician who is overseeing the new retail medical clinics (the Wal-Mart Clinics). And, of course, the miscellaneous professional liability policy is activated to protect most medical facilities.  If you are considering something ‘outside of the box’ in the healthcare field, in New York, Florida, Texas, California or any place in between, The Doctors Insurance Agency  works hard every day to evolve our markets to help you.

Urgent Care Centers, Hospitalists or Radiologists trying to expand without increasing their high cost of tail insurance, we can work with our carrier to provide the innovative miscellaneous professional liability solution to make sure you are properly covered.



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