Does your medical entity have proper insurance?

Our medical malpractice insurance agency,  The Doctors Insurance agency has been representing for 24 years.  THIS YEAR MEDICAL MALPRACTICE insurance claims naming the medical entity, surgery center or Imaging center are on the rise.  Even while claims experience against physicians is generally on the decline,  these claims are increasing.  

The theory of entity, vicarious medical liability is becoming an accepted principle in directing and supervising helathcare providers.  Courts are holding medical groups liable for a portion of the claim, reasoning that the Owners, The directors and officers of the phsician group should have known that this doctor might hae ommitted some important detail of service or committed some negligent act.  The physicians affiliated with Anesthesia Groups, Med Spas, Imaging Centers and other ambulatory Surgery Centers should call us to at least discuss the limits in place insuring the facilities and entities with which they work.  

There are two methods of insuring these centers, sharing limits with the doctors in a single, large per incident limit concept, high aggregate or just purchase a stand alone facility professional liability insurance policy so that each practitioner can maintain their own coverage outside of the entity.
Premium can be less if consolidating facility liability insurance with physician liability insurance.  This concept of insuring against a high settlement against the physician owned facility can deplete insurance available for other claims against doctors unrelated to the entity.  Facility and entity liability, an affordable and smart risk management practice.  

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