Orthopedic Surgeons Medical Malpractice Rates Vary Based on a Number of Factors

The Doctors Insurance Agency provides Medical Malpractice Insurance for Orthopedic Surgeons and Surgery Groups.

Orthopedic Surgeons Groups specialize in surgery of the shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, hand, wrist, and spine. Many also include physical therapy, imaging, pain management, and even psychotherapy to assist their patients to return to full mobility and strength.

Medical Malpractice Insurance rates vary based on a number of factors. There are different rates for surgeons that specialize in a particular area, such as shoulders, hips, knees, or hand surgery only, and other rates for consultations only. The rates that apply to your physicians can be discounted by carefully considering protocol and the division of procedures among the surgeons within the group.

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Need For Medical Directors, Research Directors & Investigators

Constant, significant changes in our healthcare delivery system are always creating new opportunities in administrative medicine.  Mergers, acquisitions and private equity are funding health technology and new start-up telehealth business models, as well as supporting clinical trials at unforeseen levels. 

 This activity creates a need for medical directors, research directors & investigators.

The Medical Spa industry is seeing this growth as well, and the field is evolving into a combined concierge, aesthetic and wellness integrative niche.  These integrative aesthetic centers also need medical directors. The American Medical Directors Association projects continued growth, and the requisite need ahead for Medical Directors across the country in all kinds of medical practices.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has provided Medical Director Professional Liability for over 20 years.  There are a number of insurance carriers that we represent who offer this coverage, and it is priced according to services required under your contract.   

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Insuring a Medical Lab is More Affordable Than You Might Think

 Liability Insurance for Medical Laboratories

Insuring a medical lab is more affordable than you might think, and importantly, the policy can be written to include a general endorsement, insuring the lab director whether they are a PhD or a medical doctor.   

Insuring the lab director is only a small part of the liability solution. If you carry a separate lab director policy, you will have to deal with the tail insurance if the lab director cancels or decides to discontinue the contract. It's important that the policy includes in the definitions of insurance coverage for the medical director or lab director. These policies also need to cover non-medical owners executives and non-medical doctor staff working on behalf.

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Healthcare Philosophies, Culture and Protocol are Driving Process and Determining Outcomes.

Health care continues to evolve from the traditional/clinical to holistic, integrative.

Healthcare philosophies, culture and protocol are driving process and determining outcomes.

Structure of organizations are changing;

 Mergers and acquisitions , Vertically integrated health care models with hospitals,  outpatient facilities closely aligned with multi specialty groups, primary care and more creative solutions to try to solve the overarching goal of the affordable care act: 

 ▪︎improving quality

▪︎ increasing access

▪︎ and decreasing the cost of health care. 

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Medical Malpractice Insurance Expenses

Physicians and practice administrators need to prepare for the upcoming increase in Medical Malpractice Insurance premiums - if not immediately, certainly by the next renewal period. 

The market cycles in the malpractice insurance market are defined by competition fueled by available money, low-cost capital, reasonable investment returns, and an extended period of reducing claims frequency. Physicians, hospitals, facilities, and other healthcare providers have enjoyed a little over a decade of reliable and stable yet decreasing malpractice insurance premiums. While the number of claims has been at unprecedented lows, the average payout per claim is increasing and it appears the number of claims is on the rise again. With healthcare consolidating and putting pressure on the carriers to retain the provisions in the insurance policies they already have, it has been a perfect storm of rate predictability and creative retention discounts.

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Integrative Medicine, Injectables, IV Therapy, Age Management and Stem Cell Liability

Medical economics has forced changes in the level of expertise that requires policies to protect more than just the professional reputation of the doctor. All medical malpractice policies start with protecting the medical provider. The Doctor’s Insurance Agency can write policies for many types of practitioners including PhysiciansNurse PractitionersPhysician Assistants, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, and Naturopaths.

In addition to the changes in medical economics, the rise in chronic disease, addiction, and allergies (both to food and environmental allergens) has brought about moving a “wellness” ideology into the mainstream. Experts in wellness emphasize making choices that support a person’s health instead of just addressing problems once they arise. These professionals need the right insurance, and the medical doctors who work with them need protection since the physicians are the ones who tend to carry the load of liability. Despite the wellness experts having their own insurance coverage, the medical doctors, unfortunately, continue to be the biggest targets for plaintiff attachments.

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California Wildfires

Due to the wildfires we have been without power for 3 days, please bear with us as transition to our off-site server. Our Site is up and we are working on all service requests! 
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Claims-Made Policies for Medical Spas

A medical spa office starts in a similar way to a hair salon: a talented nurse, doctor or esthetician rents a chair or leases a small space, and begins to create their vision for enhancements using FDA-approved and common off-label injectables, laser and chemical peels, and other natural holistic wellness strategies to improve lives and make real change through aesthetic enhancements.

Some states require a physician collaboration agreement in order to purchase and use injectables. The liability policy that protects the esthetician and the spa should also cover the business, whether it’s incorporated or a limited liability.

A corporation policy should also cover silent investors, active partners, doctors, mid-level providers, and aestheticians. As the spa grows, the general property liability policy and professional liability policy should be able to expand and scale with that growth, without adding a substantial premium increase.

The Doctors Insurance Agency provides expert experienced and focused in Medical Spa Professional Liability protection.

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Telemedicine Medical Professional Liability

Organizations involved in the provision of telemedicine will normally need at least two insurance policies, (Tech and Cyber as well as Medical Professional Liability) and often more (General, Products Completed)  to cover  its varied exposures.

London Carriers (as well as some innovative US Carriers have moved ahead of the market place Developing true Virtual Care medical professional liability insurance that contemplate all risks and provide ample limits of insurance to cover them...

These virtual care policies  avoid the potential gaps in coverage that can arise with cobbling together a solution. 

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Insure Centers Focusing on The Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes

Outpatient Centers Medical Marijuana liability Insurance

From an underwriting standpoint, surgery centers, wellness centers, outpatient facilities, urgent care centers, and aesthetic regenerative spas (also known as medi-spas) all fall into the same category of healthcare liability insurance.

 Across the country, we are also seeing growing acceptance and an ever-evolving market for medical marijuana, CBD products, cannabis dispensaries, and physicians certifying patients for medicinal use. This has led insurance carriers to study, edit, and adjust their policies faster than ever before.

One of the most common questions about medical malpractice insurance that we receive here at the Doctors Insurance Agency involves how to best insure centers focusing on the use of marijuana for medical purposes

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