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Ophthalmologists and Optometrists can find competitive Solutions with The Doctors Insurance Agency

The Doctors Insurance Agency has specialized in liability solutions for 23 years.  We work hard to find the lowest premium in all of the business and professional liability insurance.  From Med Mal to Boss, Billing, Breach and Business Liability, our agents, single focused and experienced can find coverage for you that fits. If you own a surgery center or a medispa, our agency can find an integrative approach to the liability issue that might be putting you and your families' assets at more risk than you ever imagined.  The Doctors of Northern California Insurance agency has the ability through access to unique programs to insure your practice (and the four 'b's of liability) for less per quarter.   We  provide a comprehensive approach to the risk and exposures that ophthalmologists and optometrists face, and we offer instant online insurance quotes.  Designed expressly for your professional requirements, this insurance coverage is intended to protect you, all of your allied hea ...
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Get Serious about insuring your MediSpa or Foot Spa or Both..

Physicians and Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners or Podiatrists... who are involved with MedSpa's or Foot Clinics... or are thinking of getting involved, it is important to purchase insurance. (one might think that is the first expense, or investment to go on the pro forma...and, it is our experience that this is not always true. . If you only have one or two people performing the injections, filler, laser and peels (and other services), and if you also include the insurance for the Medical Director (which in many states you must have) providing insurance is usually something that you can do for $4,500 annual premium.  As the number of services increases, and the number of people providing those services increase, so goes the premium. Podiatrists in California can include their clinics for usually less than $6,000 per year. Physicians getting in the MedSpa business can do it for closer to $4,000. Medical Spas have become a billion dollar a year industry. Because the industr ...
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Employment Practices Liability How WE Can Help you.

According to A national Insurance Carrier, working with specialty underwriters from Lloyd's of London, (E Risk Services)  and, studying some Employment Practices Liability EPL Filed Complaints and Charge Receipt Statistics (EEOC Data) In 2000, claimants filed 79,896 charges with the EEOC; a 16% increase over 1999; and that was over 10 years ago! The number of settlements increased by 42%; The amount of monetary benefits increased by 16%; and The largest area of resolved complaints is merit resolutions. Merit resolutions are charges with outcomes favorable to the charging party. For further information, check out the EEOC website directly. EPL Charge Statistics (EEOC Data) Charge Filed % of Total Race 36.2% Sex ...
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Podiatrists' business is predicted to Increase, Careful selection of a carrier which understands your business and prices the risk accordingly.

To be a podiatrist is the one of the best rewarding professions to consider in the 21st century. Why? Podiatry will be valuable, indispensable, and vital because of the aging baby boomer population (a huge huge elderly population!). And this population has increased risk of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cancer, and trauma primarily in the feet and ankles. With only 9 podiatry schools and a small number of young podiatrists in the US and Canada to perform medicine and surgery on the feet and ankles of the baby boomer population, these new generation of podiatrists will be busy. Podiatry will be a very very busy profession mainly among the aging baby boomers until the year 2111 (yes, for the next 100 years). Wound care, biomechanical care, and foot and ankle surgeries will be the main arenas that will keep podiatrists really busy. With diabetics alone among the baby boomers, podiatrists are an integral member of the medical team along with opthalmologists, endocrinologists, vascular surgeons, infectio ...
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Discounted Employee Insurance for Physicians

Having just worked with an Orthopedic Surgeon who is not able to leave his current 'Insurer' (in quotes because this 'insurer' is not that...This is a Trust....and when there is an unresolved and known Incident while you are held in contract with a Trust,  you are not free to leave.  You are, in short under insured, and under represented in the marketplace.  'There ought to be more flexibility', he cried (honestly,  It is always a shock when it comes time to completing the applications and the physicians learn that they cannot market their risk to the other carriers.  I mention this because,  this physician deprived of the opportunity to reduce his malpractice insurance costs, in a surgical specialty where it is so vital to have the best and most competitive premium. Additionally,  this surgeon was left out of the Doctors'Company/Lloyd's of London partnership to offer the other four important insurance products.  Lloyds, unbeknownst to many who are outside of the insur ...
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Medical Foundations and Accountable Care Organizations need the right 'blanket of coverage'

The Doctors Insurance Agency and Rubicon Insurance specialize in providing Business, Billing, Breach and Boss Insurance.  These products go by the more conventional names of Directors and Officers Liability, Medicare Audit Liability, Electronic Data E and O, and Employment Practices Liability.  Additionally, you should negotiate smart medical malpractice, managed care capitation and utilization insurance.  We do nothing but this, nationally, 10 of us, all day long reading, studying, working for physicians to ensure the protection of the practice and the insulation of the assets.  We can help,  we can analyze and break down your risk and offer discounted, targeted solutions.

Booming Medical Spa Market: which means, it is important to go to one that is properly insured and practices sound risk management

Medical Spas and Medical Malpractice Perhaps you're thinking about visiting a medical spa for help with those frown lines, age spots or facial hair. Use caution when selecting a facility. Although modern medical techniques can produce dramatic cosmetic results, possible complications can be much more serious than a bad haircut.  We insure many of these facilities. And, the very process of procuring insurance is the best risk management that they can do!, the questions asked on the applications act as a guide to what to do, how to protect themselves.  Booming Medical Spa Market: which means, it is important to go to one that is properly insured and practices sound risk management. The Boomers and others! Have discovered the effectiveness of the Medical Spa. These treatments work, and there are many spas which are perfectly legit! Of course, Dermatologists, Oto's and Plastics Surgeons are well trained to perform these procedures. And so it goes, that others are venturing into the market; that i ...
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