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The lowest premium for medical Malpractice Insurance is the best??

I have often been caught up in the hunt for the lowest premium.  It makes sense really,  I mean, what else are we going to look at..It is all about the lowest cost, right?  The one thing you can measure...Premium, premium, deductibles, the endorsements, who is included, what is the bottom line.  We all are subject to the same habit, the tendency to quantify and measure, lowest premium, in our minds equals the best.  If the low priced Carrier has a good story to tell,  then all the better;  Risk Management Graphics on a Web Site are compelling and a link to the claims department on the Web Site,  maybe even an endorsement from a specialty association.  We don't want to know much else.  This decision of choosing a Liability Carrier doesn't seem to have long term ramifications.   More than A Certificate of Insurance Do they have a certificate of insurance that my hospital will accept,  do they have a single Risk Manager, Is this insurance Company ...
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Cardiology Malpractice Insurance

Reduced, accurate practice rating for Cardiologists. Whether you are performing invasive, interventional cardiology or focusing more on clinical treatment, diagnosis and prevention of heart disease and other cardiac care issues, Cardiologists, like some other specialties, (especially interventional cardiologists) can experience a higher than average claims. According to Wikipedia: The birth of invasive cardiology – The malpractice insurance is slightly higher for this ‘subspecialty’. The history of invasive cardiology begins with the development of cardiac catheterization in 1711, when Stephen Hales placed catheters into the right and left ventricles of a living horse. Variations on the technique were performed over the subsequent century, with formal study of cardiac physiology being performed by Claude Bernard in the 1840s..  None of this is necessarily related to the rating of your medical malpractice insurance, however it does help to understand why some procedures g ...
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  1. Re: Clinical Research Liability

    Do you recommend purchasing a tail insurance or a occurrence based insurance and add a tail policy afterwards...

    -- Ann Shang

  2. Re: Clinical Research Liability

    I am talking with a CTO in the US ( I am in US too) to be a contractor doing clinical trials on a part...

    -- Ann Shang

  3. Re: The Podiatrists Market Research Report states that demand for podiatrists will likely benefit from healthcare reform.

    My husband has been feeling a lot of pain in his feet recently. We think this could be due to his posture...

    -- Sarah

  4. Re: Developing Walk In and Urgent Care Centers

    It's good to see that urgent care facilities are becoming more and more prevalent. You are right that...

    -- Caden Dahl

  5. Re: Functional Medicine Malpractice Insurance

    Interested in obtaining information for FM MP

    -- Cynthia Shughrue

  6. Re: Visiting Residents/Intern/ Fellow (Hands On) Medical Malpractice Insurance

    I am a final year medical student planning to do a couple of electives in medical school in the US and...

    -- Varun

  7. Re: Medical Malpractice Insurance Benefits, expanding to outpatient facilities

    I like the idea of some of the cost returning to the normal discounted market after a few years of claims...

    -- Dave Anderson

  8. Re: Who Can Perform Liposuction Surgery?

    This is very interesting content! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your points and have come to the...

    -- Re: Who Can Perform Liposuction Surgery?

    Thanks for helping me understand any licensed physician can actually perform this procedure as per the...

    -- Millie Hue

  9. Re: The Podiatrists Market Research Report states that demand for podiatrists will likely benefit from healthcare reform.

    Thanks for giving me more information about the benefits of podiatrists from the healthcare reform. ...

    -- James