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The Best Way to Insure a Growing Nurse Practitioner-Owned Medispa Business

One of the most common approaches to providing professional liability insurance that we see is for each individual practitioner to carry their own policy.  Nurse practitioners, estheticians, massage therapists, nutritionists, registered nurses, and medical doctors, each carrying their own annually-renewable and individually-priced medical malpractice policy.

This strategy works, and saves money, until the owner becomes concerned about the likelihood of a claim attaching the business and the owners.  Another challenge that is faced by many spa owners is monitoring renewals for all of these individual policies. There is also the issue of properly ensuring the medical directors.

The organizational spa policy is the answer. It is fine to also allow the individual practitioners to carry their own policies, but to properly insure the business, the owners, and all professionals acting on behalf of, employed by or contracted with the business, a Medical Spa Professional Liability  policy provides the answer. In fact, it is redundant for individual practitioners to carry their own policies when the responsibility should fall to the entity.

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