Things You Should Know BEFORE You Submit Your Claim

How to report an incident to The Doctors Company

  • Report an incident or claim in writing to the Claim Department of your regional office
  • Reports may be faxed or e-mailed
  • Be ready to relate the facts of the event.
  • Provide all relevant documents: any demand, notice of intent to use, complaint, or other document you receive that relates to the incident or claim.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Do not add to, delete from or otherwise alter a medical record.
  • After making a report, keep copies of your correspondence for future consultation.
  • Always require the patient's or the patient's legal representative's signature to release a copy of the medical record.
  • Do not discuss the case with anyone than your claim specialit.
  • Do not contact anyone associated with the case  expect your claim specialit.

Contacting The Doctors Company's Claims Department

Northern California Claims Office: (800) 321-3242  (925) 280-9160 Office  (866) 720-6073 Fax

Southern California Claims Office: (800) 328-8831  (310) 451-3011 Office  (866) 377-5633 Fax