Medical Malpractice Insurance / Medical Professional Liability Protection Against Allegations of Medical Negligence


 The Doctors Insurance Agency represents The Doctors Company which has been protecting the careers and professional reputations of physicians for 34 years. Every day, our medical malpractice insurance agents (eight licensed medical malpractice and business management agents) work to negotiate the best coverage terms for you with this nation’s leading medical malpractice insurance company.

The Doctors Company is the medical malpractice insurance industry leader.

Championing legal reform, resisting easy settlements, and developing the financial strength to back up the promises we make to our physicians. The active defense of our doctors actually begins as soon as they join us.

In California, we are truly lucky. In the health care environment, physicians draw from a diverse and dense population of patients. We are supportive of all types of medical philosophies, a blend of conventional Western medicine with a mixture of old and new Eastern disciplines.

The San Francisco Bay Area is perhaps the hub of innovative medical practices. We have experienced transplant surgeons working hand in glove with acupuncturists, holistic naturopaths, osteopathy and primary care doctors. The Doctors Insurance Agency has expert assistants available to help with implementing EHR records, greeting the new hospital risk control specialists, teaching your staff proper billing protocol and/or documenting patient information.

We can facilitate insurance for medical malpractice in all specialties and for ancillary providers, insurance for RAC audits, Medicare or private payer billing inquiries and allegations, media and EHR data loss insurance, and protecting the owners against allegations of mismanagement or misconduct with employees. In the San Francisco Bay Area, indeed in California at large, for medical malpractice and business insurance products The Doctors Insurance Agency provides skilled affordable one stop shopping.

A Strong Advocate for Our Policyholders

The Doctors Insurance Agency’ mission statement is to find the lowest medical malpractice insurance premium possible with The Doctors’ Company.  And, we have to work to be a strong advocate for the insurance needs of our policyholders. Not all practice risks fit into one medical malpractice insurance company, we will find the right fit.

This is all that we do. We work hard to assist solo physicians and groups in managing their risk and communicating medical practice and procedure changes to underwriting so that their professional liability, medical malpractice insurance needs are met.

We need to ensure that all medical services performed are properly insured.

If you are considering becoming a valued member of our agency and The Doctors Company, we have provided you with everything you will need to get started:


The Doctors Company Medical Malpractice Professional Liability Insurance Policy:

Is a claims made policy which protects against liability claims that arise from your healthcare practice because of injury caused by a medical incident resulting directly from professional health care services.

Retroactive / Prior Acts Coverage

Physicians currently insured with another claims-made medical malpractice insurance carrier may convert to The Doctors’ Company without having to purchase costly tail coverage from their current carriers. *subject to underwriting approval

Free Tail Coverage for Retirement:

Free tail coverage is provided to policyholders upon full retirement from the practice of medicine regardless of your age. To qualify you must be insured with TDC or one its subsidiaries for five consecutive years.

Tribute Plan Reward:

We reward our loyal members by providing a single lump-sum cash payment of your Tribute Plan award balance when you retire at age 55 years or older after having been continuously insured by TDC for least five years. We will return some of your medical malpractice insurance premium to you when you are ready to cancel.

Your Consent to Settle:

Our malpractice insurance defense attorneys cannot settle without your written consent before we settle allowing you authority to settle a claim.

In addition to the Limits of Liability:

Defense Cost: Supplemental Benefits including Interest on Judgments, Court Costs, Appeal Bonds, and Expenses

Locum Tenens Coverage:

Allows a temporary, substitute Healthcare Professional to provide Professional Services

Introducing Cyber Guard Protection:

Beginning this year an aggressive, broad coverage that protects doctors against regulatory and liability claims arising from the theft, loss, or accidental transmission of confidential patient or financial information, as well as the cost of data recovery.

For more information regarding Medical Malpractice insurance, contact us or fill out the form to receive customized Medical Professional Liability insurance quote.