California Group Health Insurance

Medical & Dental Care for You and Your Employees

Are you paying too much for your California Group Health Insurance? You might be.

If so, is this the time to be doing that? What if you could offer your employees the same or better coverage for less money?

Or what if you didn’t offer health insurance to your employees at all? After all, there is no law exists that says you have to provide it.

However, if you paid your best employee the same as a competitor but the competitor offered health insurance, would your employee leave? Probably. If not right away, he or she would be looking which would be very disruptive for your business. As you know, many good workers take jobs just for the health insurance.

So, you do want to offer health insurance to your employees.

Group health insurance coverage is a policy that is purchased by an employer and is offered to eligible employees of the company.

Introducing our competitive health insurance benefits program through our business partner, George Petersen Insurance, a California based insurance broker.

Our health and employee benefits specialists work closely with controllers and human resource professionals to structure programs that meet their employees’ and the company’s needs. We search the markets, keeping current on the changing developments, and helping you filter the multi-faceted and complex options available in today’s marketplace

We at The Doctors Insurance Agency are available to assist in placing this valuable coverage. Contact us at 800-553-9293 or email click here for an offer or further information.

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