Cardiology Malpractice Insurance

Reduced, accurate practice rating for Cardiologists.

Whether you are performing invasive, interventional cardiology or focusing more on clinical treatment, diagnosis and prevention of heart disease and other cardiac care issues, Cardiologists, like some other specialties, (especially interventional cardiologists) can experience a higher than average claims.

According to Wikipedia:

The birth of invasive cardiology – The malpractice insurance is slightly higher for this ‘subspecialty’.

The history of invasive cardiology begins with the development of cardiac catheterization in 1711, when Stephen Hales placed catheters into the right and left ventricles of a living horse. Variations on the technique were performed over the subsequent century, with formal study of cardiac physiology being performed by Claude Bernard in the 1840s..  None of this is necessarily related to the rating of your medical malpractice insurance, however it does help to understand why some procedures generate a higher malpractice insurance premium than others.

More history on Interventional Cardiology pertains to developing the Catheterization process.  Catheterization of humans

The technique of angiography itself was first developed in 1927 by the Portuguese physician Egas Miniz  for cerebral angiography, the viewing of brain vasculature by X-ray radiation with the aid of a contrast medium introduced by catheter.

Coronary catheterization was first performed, in 1929, when Werner Forssman created an incision in one of the left antecubital veins and inserted a catheter into his venous system. He then guided the catheter by fluoroscopy into his right atrium. Subsequently he walked up a flight of stairs to the radiology department and documented the procedure by having a chest roentgenogram performed.  Forsmann hypothesized that a catheter could be inserted directly into the heart, for such applications as directly delivering drugs, injecting radiopaque dyes, or measuring blood pressure. The fear at the time was that such an intrusion into the heart would be fatal.  To prove his point, he decided to try the experiment on himself.

Over the next year, catheters were placed in a similar manner into the right ventricle, and measurements of pressure and cardiac output was performed.

In the early 1940s, Andre Cournand, in collaboration with Dickinson Richards, performed more systematic measurements of the hemodynamics of the heart. For their work in the discovery of cardiac catheterization and hemodynamic measurements, Cournand, Forssmann, and Richards shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1956.

The goal of the American Heart Association:

From here, the practice and study of the heart has progressed and evolved,. The American Heart Association has a goal : By 2020, to improve the cardiovascular health of all

Americans by 20%, while reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke by 20%.

The effect of Patient Safety:

Working with our team of patient safety specialists:  The Doctors’ Insurance Agency can help you and your staff bring in webinars, cd’s, specialists and other online resources to improve your practice.  Our collection of  cardiology articles, as well as our library of general risk articles, keeps members informed about advances in medicine, medical liability, and patient safety.

Members receive our quarterly publication,  The Doctor’s Advocate, which contains timely information on patient safety topics, legislative updates, and the latest industry and company news.

Reducing your premium:

We work hard with our insurance partners to keep the premiums down.  Working with various associations (like the American College of Cardiology), through The Doctors’ Company, we can help you obtain discounts that can make a significant difference in your net expenses.

Combining The Doctors’ Company added benefits of cyber and administrative medical expense coverage, The Doctors’ Insurance Agency can help you find a program or a risk management discount to reduce the cost of your cardiology malpractice insurance.

There are also some unique benefits for those who belong to the American College of Cardiology (ACC)
The ‘program discount offers a 5 % premium discount.

Claims Free Discounts

Program discount and credits. For attending risk management seminars, completing courses, explaining your practice profile in detail, maintaining a good loss ratio,

The industry’s most aggressive legal defense.

We have an iron-clad consent-to-settle promise that means no claim is settled without the member’s consent, where permitted by law. In the many years that I’ve worked with The Doctors’ Company, I only hear fantastic reviews and reports about the skill and team work that occurs between the claims representatives and the attorneys and the physician and the expert witnesses.  We are here to help you defend the practice of good medicine.

Unrivaled protection anytime, anywhere.

Because  physicians are held to such a high standard of confidentiality with the implementation of  electronic health records, our agents can work with you to supplement the cyberguard (50,000 of defense) that is included in your  medical malpractice insurance policy.

Cyber Guard and Mediguard Administrative Defense protection

Our core medical liability policy includes protection against privacy breach and Medicare reviews through Cyberguard  cyber liability protection.

If your malpractice claim or issues with hospital privileging or other credentialing bodies results in a state medical board inquiry, The Doctors’ Company includes up to 25,000 of defense and money to ensure you have representation.  However, with the new climate of Government audits into billing practices, searching actively for billing errors and upcoding, The Doctors’ Insurance Agency working with Lloyd’s of London can now make an actual insurance policy of up to 1 Million available to you. 

Members have access to  industry-leading patient safety tools and programs tailored to the cardiology specialty, plus free Web-based and live CME.

An unequaled financial reward.

You deserve more than a little gratitude for a career spent practicing good medicine. That’s why we created the Tribute® Plan, a groundbreaking benefit that rewards you for your loyalty to The Doctors Company and for your commitment to superior patient care. Since 2007, over 22,700 members have qualified for a Tribute award, and these members have an average balance of $11,500.*

Qualified members receive free tail coverage.

If you have had a history of claims, The Doctors’ Insurance Agency can work with some other underwriters within The Doctors’ Company team to help you obtain a premium offer.

There is almost a statistical certainly that physicians will be named in a claim.  If you have had more than your share, we would offer our subsidiary company or specialized nonstandard underwriting team  to consider your application.  .We treat the physicians we insure as members of our organization, not just policyholders.

 Our agency was founded in 1988 to reflect the ethics and philosophy of The Doctors’ Company, to work hard, to listen to the real practice differences and to present them to an underwriting team skilled and experienced in reviewing the physician’s practice.

Founded, owned, and led by physicians—including the physician majority on our board—we are uniquely aligned with our members’ interests and accountable only to them.


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