Allied Healthcare Providers

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Allied Healthcare Providers Professional Liability Insurance

Allied Healthcare Providers Professional Liability Insurance

According to a web site ExploreHealthCareers.Org, there are 5 Million Allied Healthcare Providers in the United States, many working for, alongside of, or partnering with M.D.’s or D.O.’s and, increasingly, as Health Care changes in the United States, there is going to be a need for these ‘non M.D.’s providing important, needed healthcare, filling in gaps and bringing the answer for affordable care to many previously uninsured Americans.

The term Allied is used to identify many of health professions, encompassing as many as 200 health careers. This website noted above indicates that there are 5 million allied health care providers in the U.S., who work in more than 80 different professions and represent approximately 60% of all health care providers – this roster of health providers will begin to make a difference in the needed health care services in this country. But, this will clearly not provide all that is necessary.

When you work in allied health, you are involved in many aspects of patient health, and you are regarded as an expert in your field. Some allied health professionals practice independently; others work as part of a health care team. Regardless of the working environment, there is increasingly more independence, services required from these providers: evaluating, assessing patients. They also play a major role in informing the attending clinician of the patient's progress and response to treatment.

And, they are in need of creative, portable malpractice solutions. As more and more allied health providers join ranks with primary care providers to fill the gap necessary, The Doctors Insurance Agency is working to increase our knowledge and efficiency of insurance solutions in this niche.

If you are any one of the many new healthcare providers stepping forward to supply our nation with the necessary healthcare from:

Athletic Trainer (medically trained), Audiologists, Bio-Medical Technician, Blood Bank Technicians, Dialysis Technician/Technologist, Pharmacist, Cardiology Technician/Technologist, Certified Laboratory Technicians, Certified Medical Assistants, Colon Hydrotherapy, Community Health Assistants, Dental Hygienist & Assistant, Dialysis Tech, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Laboratory Aide, Medical Laboratory Technician, Home Healthcare Professionals, EMTs, Electroneurodiagnostic Technician, Orthopedic Assistant, Paramedic, Postpartum Care Providers, Respiratory Therapist, Sports Medicine Therapist, Surgeon Assistant, Wellness Counselor, X Ray Machine Operator literally from A to Z if you are a non medical doctor healthcare provider, we can help you.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency can assist you by providing you with the right professional liability insurance at affordable pricing. Our team of eight licensed medical malpractice insurance specialized agents (where else are you going to find that unique niche of agency) will exhaust all available resources to find you the best coverage for your physician assistant, nurse practitioner or paramedical malpractice insurance in California.

You need a policy that will provide you with your own unique limit of insurance, your own retroactive date and your own ability to control whether or not you purchase tail coverage. Whether we find that through the nation’s number one physician-owned malpractice insurance carrier, The Doctors Company (TDC) or another specialty carrier, we are the solution for affordable and comprehensive ancillary medical provider medical malpractice insurance.

The Doctors Insurance Agency in California can find you a solution for your medical malpractice insurance needs. Let us credential you, let us help you complete the application and process payment. The process is quick and easy and we can usually get you covered in less than one week!

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Through our access to many different insurance companies, The Doctors Insurance Agency was able to drop a Colon Hydrotherapist’s premium from nearly $2,600 annual to $215.

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