Telehealth Implementation and Consulting

Nationwide Telehealth Implementation Support and Training

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency specializes in providing you with coverage to protect yourself, your providers, and your organization from liability claims through our suite of policies designed for your telehealth organization. Through our friends at Medical Advantage, a TDC subsidiary, we are happy to expand our services beyond insuring your organization, and into areas like implementation, optimization, billing and coding, and promotion of your telehealth offering and more.

  • Over the course of the last year, telehealth has rapidly evolved from an optional offering to an almost expected enhancement to your care delivery strategy. The need for telehealth visits is so great, that as of March 2020, the number of telehealth visits surpassed the number of clinical visits. Government agencies and payers alike worked to make healthcare accessible through telehealth and were more lenient in 2020. Now, as we are sadly still dealing with surges and variants of the pandemic, rules and regulation are evolving yet again
  • Medical Advantage has over two decades of proven success as a consultant and advisor for physicians’ practices, practice groups, and other healthcare entities. Their experience in value-based healthcare combined with hands-on coaching drives meaningful improvement in patient care and health outcomes while improving collections and revenue for the practice.

 Medical Advantage talks a lot about their focus to help you rapidly operationalize a telehealth program that quickly enables virtual visits with patients:

The areas where they can assist: 

 Telehealth Technology Selection Advisory Services 

  • Assist practice in selecting telehealth technology as needed
  • Telehealth module in the practice EHR
  • Standalone telehealth solution & approved use

  Telehealth Technology Set Up

  •  We will help you optimize practice reimbursement, and drive practice revenue, through your Telehealth offering

  Promotion and Marketing to Patients

  • Recommendations on patient communication
  • Outreach campaigns
  • Enabling text, patient portal, and automated voice

  Scheduling Best Practices

  •  Individual training for office scheduler
  • Setting proper expectations with patient
  • Pre-visit preparations
  • Recommended visit types – best suited

 Staff Training

  •  Use of the Telehealth tool itself – as needed
  • Review of common issues and how to resolve them
  • Role-play, practice sessions prior to going live with patients
  • Checklists for common Telehealth scenarios
  • Step by step directions for office staff
  • Guides for staff to help patients with technology

 Billing & Coding Training

  • Training for billing staff
  • Documentation requirements for proper reimbursement
  • Overview of proper codes used for Telehealth visits

The Doctors Insurance through our friends at Medical Advantage, a TDC subsidiary we will help you optimize practice reimbursement and drive practice revenue through your Telehealth offering.

To learn more about our Telehealth Services contact us at  or  call 800.553.9293

Telehealth Implementation and Consulting