Medical Malpractice Insurance for Non- Standard Physician

The Doctors Insurance Agency offers professional liability insurance for physicians and surgeons at competitive premiums for physicians with any claims history, licensing actions, board sanctions, and a variety of other underwriting issues.

For this class of non-standard physicians, there are many discounts available that reflect that loss experience. In fact, to reward physicians who have not had any money paid out in either expenses or reserves, the discounts can be as high as 35 %. In this continuing ‘soft’ market, defined by lower than expected loss reports and payments that are lower than budgeted, non- standard physicians may not have more companies to choose from, but they will have some leverage to reduce their annual premium.

There are even some with large payouts in claims who may be eligible for standard, even preferred malpractice insurance coverage simple due to the extra profit, which drives the insurance carriers appetite to take on risk. The choices for non-standard physician medical malpractice insurance remain stable.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency has a close affiliation with The Doctors’ Company’s ‘non standard’ physician Professional Liability Insurance Carrier, PULIC.

PULIC specializes in medical liability protection for physicians, surgeons, dentists, podiatrists and other medical professionals who have difficulty finding coverage within the standard markets.

In Northern or Southern California Physicians or other healthcare practitioners who have been denied coverage, or whose policies have been non-renewed or canceled may find coverage solutions.

With Plaintiff’s Lawyers regularly calling on State Medical Licensing Boards when they file claims against physicians, it is difficult to remain completely claims or incident free. The wholly owned subsidiary of The Doctors’ Company, the insurance carrier for physicians who have had to struggle with administrative board, licensing or hospital credentialing issues, PULIC offers medical malpractice insurance for non-standard physicians.

We recently helped a Podiatrist renew his malpractice insurance after being non renewed for incidents and claims that had originated four years ago. But, due to the long term nature of these particular types of claims, professional liability insurance claims have a long life span, with the average claim taking three to four years from first incident/injury to settlement and payment. This podiatrist was non renewed, given 60 days to find a replacement. With quick and experienced advocacy, our agency helped him find coverage; for the same or close to the same premium as previously carried.

Innovative Approach to Providing Non Standard Physician’s Insurance:

PULIC pioneered the personal approach to providing professional liability insurance protection outside of traditional markets. We evaluate each applicant individually and find the most appropriate protection available at the best premium rate. Pulic Underwriters are flexible, resourceful, and quick to provide a solution. We believe that all physicians and medical professionals should be able to secure liability coverage they can count on, PULICis the solution.

At The Doctors’ Insurance Agency, our mission is to provide creative solutions in a uniquely changing market, with real concern for our clients. Pulic’s Philosophy: is to use an individual approach to coverage and service extending into claims management.

Work hard to place Physicians Back in the standard professional Liability Insurance Market:

With The Doctors’ Insurance Agency advocating to find you replacement coverage after your medical malpractice cancellation or rating up, we will work our hardest to place your professional liability insurance with the proper, accurate non- standard physician medical malpractice company. We will work particularly hard with the Pulic Underwriters because we feel it is the best path to a standard, filed Carrier.

Do not let medical board actions, license suspension, gaps in coverage, coverage outside or specialty, or probationary status discourage you from trying to maintain your continuity of coverage for your medical practice. If you have been cancelled or non-renewed by an insurance carrier and need to find coverage, please contact us we can help you. The importance of an agent’s familiarity with the medical malpractice market and which company is likely to fit any given specialty or situation is never more pronounced than dealing with a practitioner needing professional liability insurance after being cancelled, non renewed, or rated up after a medical incident or claims experience.

The fastest application to the market might be the difference for your offer. Speed and accuracy in representation by The Doctors’ Insurance Agency.

The best solution often is found by quickly getting the application completed and sent to the right underwriter. That speed, this function is best served by using our new feature (provided to us by one of our ‘whole sale insurance partners’) the last application.

Filling a complex medical malpractice application for non-standard physician every year is a pain, is one thing that physicians hate to do. Is our job to find the best coverage and lowest premium for non-standard physicians and we need information to do that. The application process itself is slow or complicated and therefore inefficient and outdated. The physicians end up wasting time that could be spent on meaningful consultative exchanges and most of the time frustrates the physicians!

What if we could turn the process into an opportunity that helps build and solidify relationships with physicians? We work with Ethos Insurance to provide a single application:

Introducing MyLastApp

(definition provided courtesy of Ethos)

MyLastApp collects physicians data electronically… once! You complete the application and you’re done forever, you don’t have to fill out an application again!

MyLastApp offers a cure for the pain of applying for medical malpractice insurance by reducing the usual stack of forms to a single master application with one complete master application. MyLastApp can create the completely populated carrier specific applications for nearly every medical professional liability insurance company interested in writing your business. Best of all, because the information is capture electronically you will never need to complete another new application. Do it once and never again.

Once you complete the single master application then the software create ready to use carrier specific applications for every competitive programs in United States. Keeping in mind MyLastApp is not a generic application that underwriters has decided to accept for now. Here is how it works:

  1. Contact us and request the MyLastApp master application.
  2. Fill out the master application… we can help you!
  3. Email it back to us….is that simple

MyLastApp ensures that every underwriter receives their own complete program-specific application, so they can provide the best deal available in a shorter amount of time.

MyLastApp allow non-standard physicians to eliminate multiple paper applications, get faster services from underwriters, get the best coverage and lowest possible premiums… and it’s free!

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency believes that carrying this information forward helps you save time and moves us into the market quicker representing your practice and claims history.

Eliminate steps, redundancies and potential inaccuracies:

The last application system

  • Eliminates multiple applications, saved lots of time.
  • Generates fully-populated, carrier-specific applications for every competitive non-standard physician program
  • Results in quicker service from underwriters because they receive their own applications
  • Delivers more current information, more often to carriers
  • Increases likelihood of addition premium credits and the lowest possible premiums.

Again, to this last point, The Doctors’ Insurance Agency combines, a low cost internet direct model of representation to bring you the most premium credits. Our familiarity with the insurance company markets can be the difference between a quote with the right company. We literally save thousands of dollars because we know which company to represent depending on the type, lengthy, nature and loss experience of the risk.

For more information regarding medical malpractice insurance for non-standard physicians, contact us or fill out the form to receive a free MyLastApp. You will never worry about these maddening applications again!

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