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Financial Security For Your Dependants

For generations, life insurance has proven to be one of the most cost effective ways to safeguard a family’s dreams. Is there a sadder situation than that of a young widow with small children sobbing at the funeral of her husband? Without life insurance, how will they survive if the main earner passes away?

Look what they are saddled with:

  • Mortgage debt
  • All other debt (vehicle, credit cards, etc.)
  • Funeral expenses
  • Future living expenses
  • Future education expenses

You can never be replaced but, with life insurance, your family could probably handle the financial pressure that comes with the loss of income due to premature death. The proceeds of life insurance can be used to help preserve your family’s standard of living, cover outstanding debt, and keep their dreams alive. We also offer a variety of business insurance products including key person life insurance and life insurance to fund buy-sell agreements. Whatever your need we have a product and a premium that is right for you.

Life insurance would have protected them after their mother and father passed away. And the interesting thing is that life insurance can cost so little. Especially if purchased early in life.

The professionals at The Doctors Insurance Agency will make sure your loved ones are supported if something happens to you. We will show you all of your life insurance options.

The Doctors Insurance Agency

If you are receiving life insurance as a benefit of your job, congratulations. However, please remember, it is only a great perk if you are working. If you lose that job, you lose the life insurance.

Do not allow your family to flounder if you meet an untimely end. Make them whole so they can live the life you would have desired for them.

At The Doctors Insurance Agency we understand the importance of protection and the contentment of peace of mind. We have been providing it to your fellow earners in California since 1988.

The Doctors Insurance Agency represents numerous insurers, assuring that we can find you the most affordable coverage available for either you or your staff.

Our Life Insurance specialist Lisa O’Brien is available to provide you with an offer or further information. Contact Lisa at (800) 553-9293 X 105

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