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A neurologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the study, diagnostic and treatment of diseases and injury of the brain and nervous system.
When it comes to solidifying the best neurology medical malpractice insurance policy, you should always consider the companies you use to acquire medical malpractice insurance quotes. Securing appropriate medical liability insurance coverage is important for the future of your neurology practice.

At The Doctors Insurance Agency, we help neurology physicians locate medical malpractice insurance quotes that provide complete protection. Although claims are down, and premiums continue to hold relatively stable given an overall reduction in the frequency of claims, Neurology leads the list of high-cost malpractice insurance. Our malpractice insurance agents work hard to learn about your practice so that we can eliminate the stress for neurologists by offering malpractice insurance premiums that include the most discounts available. As a Captive Insurance Agency of The Doctors’ Company, we understand the risk management, endorsements, claims free discounts available to provide the most competitive discounted medical malpractice insurance for Neurologists.

The Doctors’ Company studies claims in Internal Medicine and each sub-specialty:

In a report about injuries in Internal Medicine Claims, the Doctors’ Company discovered several complex claims that occurred despite generally attentive medical care. In each case, extraneous issues complicated the clinical factors.

Causes for the claims studied included critical comments made by subsequent treating physicians, poor physician-to-physician communication, patient and family anger, and inadequate response to life-threatening emergencies.

This is an example of the kind of patient safety, physician risk management information that is available to help each sub-specialty to understand and avoid the lawsuits. The Doctors’ Insurance Agency works hard with The Doctors’ Company to distribute this educational information to our insured base.

The field of neurology is disproportionately prone to medical malpractice claims. In fact, more than half of all neurologists will find themselves the target of a malpractice claim at least once over a 10 year period: Furthermore, the average sum paid out for neurological malpractice claims was over $300,000 in 2011, using national figures (less in California), making it the highest among all medical specialties.

Some of the unique characteristics of the field which lead to greater risks of these suits are the following:

  • Tremendous recent growth of neurodiagnostic tests; There may be no way around this; and, with constant contact and education, The Doctors’ Company can help mitigate the impact of this trend.
  • Booming numbers of neurological drugs; we can work with our physician staffs to reduce the number of medication errors.
  • More invasive procedures that raise the standard of care; this is the catch 22 of medicine, improved technology and skill, raises expectations and makes the standard of care higher, tougher to meet.
  • Diverse legal issues that extend past traditional medicine
  • Liability extending past the doctor-patient relationship to include other third-party claimants; this is another ‘to do list item’, make sure all vendors, facilities and labs are properly insured.
  • Intrinsic difficulty in treating neurological disorders

The Doctors Company has developed the neurology medical malpractice insurance program to protect you against the unique risks neurologists face. We need to work to ensure that your premium is the lowest that it can be, that you are taking advantage of all risk management discounts offered. There is no other program that offers the same risk management expertise, aggressive defense strategies, proven experience, financial strength and stability— all of which are essential to provide you with the best coverage and service possible. TDC Neurology Medical Malpractice Insurance is endorsed by the American Academy of Neurology. Join the thousands of neurologists who have received free quotes and money-saving rates on their neurology medical malpractice insurance through The Doctors Company.

Risk Management Tools

The Doctors Company is the leader in patient safety/risk management. When you join TDC they present innovative ways to help you and your office staff to reduce risks and improve patient safety. The Doctors Company offers free Continuous Medical Education activities and tutorials, a quarterly newsletter, HIPAA news and resources, tips and articles. These are just a few of the risk management resources we provide.

Our agents make sure you are confident in understanding the working parts of your malpractice insurance policy. We will provide you with the right neurology medical malpractice insurance quote and make sure your policy is issued to exact specifications. We understand that attention to detail is what matters when it comes to setting up your malpractice protection.

For more information regarding neurology medical malpractice insurance, contact us or fill out the form to receive customized neurology medical malpractice insurance quote.

Neurology Medical Malpractice Insurance