Disability Insurance

Financial Security in Case of Untimely Death or Unexpected Disability

Your ability to earn an income is more than just a paycheck; it is, of course, your most valuable asset. The ability to work and earn enables you to purchase and enjoy the things which define our life, our home, vacations, family’s education, and more.

We specializing in helping physicians analyze this need, and find the best coverage for them.Based on a guaranteed renewable contract, it features the popular ‘own occupation’ coverage that so many physicians need.We offer individual disability income insurance policy designed to protect your lifestyle.

Disability Insurance Policies are purchased by the ‘monthly benefit amount’ and like life insurance policies are purchased by choosing a ‘face amount’.

One of seven people between ages of 17 and 44 will become disabled for 5 years or more. If you are married and if you have children we The Doctors Insurance Agency understand the importance of protection and the contentment of peace of mind. We have been providing Disability Insurance in California since 1988.

Policy Highlights:

  • A monthly benefit is provided to the insured in the event of a partial or total disability.
  • Issue amounts are based on the net income (gross receipts less business expenses) of the applicant.
  • Rates are based on the issue age of the applicant, combined with the benefit amount being applied for.
  • Once a policy is issued rates are guaranteed until the insured turns 65.

We can obtain a quote very quickly simply choose a monthly benefit that you think will sustain your lifestyle in the event of an illness or injury that would prevent you from working.

Our California Disability Insurance specialist Lisa O’Brien is available to provide you with an offer or further information. Contact Lisa at (800) 553-9293 X 105

Disability Insurance Quote