Network Security & Privacy Liability Insurance / Data Breach Insurance / Media Liability Insurance

Protects Against Theft, Loss or Accidental Transmission of Patient Records

Physicians and other healthcare entities are increasingly exposed to privacy related claims and incidents such as a lost laptop, rogue employee, hacking and virus attacks can result in an embarrassing and costly loss. Network Security & Privacy Insurance also known as Data Breach Insurance or Media Liability Insurance protects physicians and healthcare facilities with legal defense and indemnity against regulatory and liability claims arising from theft, loss, or accidental transmission of confidential patient or financial information.

Coverage Highlights

Network Security & Privacy / Media Liability Insurance: Includes coverage for both online and hardcopy files, virus attacks, denial of service attacks and identify theft.

Media Wrongful Acts: Includes coverage for both online and hardcopy media. Coverage includes allegations of copyright/trademark infringement, libel/slander, false advertising, plagiarism, piracy, personal injury, and more.

Notification & Credit Monitoring: In the event of a breach, this coverage pays the legal, public relations, advertising, and postage expenses incurred to notify customers of a data breach. Credit monitoring costs are included.

Data Recovery Costs: Reasonable and necessary sums required to recover or replace data that is compromised, damaged, lost, erased, or corrupted.

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Data Breach & Privacy Liability Insurance