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This is going to be an important time to find family practitioners; in Northern California and across the country. For our families, friends, co workers and employees; the search for a family practice physician may very well become harder. And medical malpractice insurance may see rising premiums as an indirect result of this demand. More than 30 millions bodies into the health care landscape would likely mean more of a wait from our standpoint, measuring the risk and cost of insuring a primary care physician, we need to ask questions about the practice.

This is a time when our Northern California Medical Malpractice Insurance Agency will work hard to find the right premium, applied discounts and assistance with Patient Safety and Risk Management for each Family Practice Physician who comes ‘across our desk’. California Family Physicians, who find their way to our Marin County based Medical Malpractice Insurance Agency will find any one of our experienced medical malpractice insurance agents ready to search for the proper priced categorization (there are four risk categories for family physician medical malpractice insurance.

Integrated East/West Medical Practices need malpractice insurance.

In order to help our society to get well and to be treated, we are going to have to figure our how to provide the insurance to integrate conventional medicine, family practitioners, with newer forms of disciplines, acupuncture, chiropractors, aestheticians. Primary Care Providers will regularly work with psychological counselors, naturopathic and osteopathic physicians and practitioners. We are going to have to work with Allied Health Care Providers, blending in eastern and western philosophies and methods in order to deliver healthcare and wellness to our growing population.

Family Practitioners have, in many cases been ahead of the curve in joining Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Paramedical staff in order to bring more services and remedies. In our insurance agency in Novato, California, we already provide insurance for wellness centers, clinics, imaging centers and medispas. Our insurance Agents work to find methods of discounting our already low medical malpractice insurance rates, combined with the right specialty program in order to insure the practice for less than one conventional medical malpractice insurance company. There are ways to apply a low rate which corresponds with the actual services and emphasis on their practice, rather than applying the ‘spreadsheet category’ for family practice.

Study the Physician Categories for Insurance

The important challenge, then from the stand point of a medical malpractice insurance company, or a medical malpractice insurance agent is to continue learning. If you know about the various medical specialties and allied disciplines, then you can find a malpractice insurance policy to fit. We have many markets, national insurance carriers to work well with our largest choice, The Doctors’ company, which is the largest medical malpractice insurance company in the country to help our family physicians find insurance.

Physician Liability Northern California: Experience, Solutions, Understanding:

We've been working with all of the medical specialties for so many years. For twenty four years, we have worked to implement discounts for risk management activities, discounts and premium credits to reward the hard working leaders within hospitals, quality assurance participation, credentialing at quality hospitals and/or participation in Health Care. Presently and continuing into the future, there is going to be an increasingly high demand for Family General Practitioners; as these family medicine general practice physicians today comprise one of the largest specialties in the medical industry. As the initial point of contact for patients requiring medical care. Family Practice doctors evaluate many medical related conditions. Like Ob/Gyn’s, Cardiologists, Pediatricians, or any physician with frequent interaction with the family, with their patients, they become part physician, part counselor, part teacher and many times, the trusted advisor. The insurance program that is used to underwrite and provide this insurance for Family Practitioners should be as flexible as they are in their practices. The Doctors’ Insurance Agency works primarily with The Doctors’ Company for medical malpractice insurance, and in many situations, we can refer the physician or allied risk to a company with an appropriate rating strategy and category.

Finding the right Carrier for Holistic/Integrated Practitioners:

Recently, a family practitioner became tired of treating so many ‘already sick’ people; this charismatic practitioner was determined to integrate holistic care into his practice, we helped him present his practice in a way that allowed The Doctors’ Company to continue writing his insurance, and our agency found him solutions for his other practitioners. Now, this family practitioner is growing a thriving healthy practice and is seeing people stay healthy as a result of some of these Eastern Philosophies and Practitioners. From the many subcategories from colds and flu all the way to bone fractures. In general family practice physicians establish long-term relationships with their patients. Our medical malpractice insurance for Family General Practice Practitioners program provides coverage for all facets of family practice medicine.

Vicarious Liability must be insured as well:

It is imperative that each physician have his or her own medical malpractice insurance policy. While it is a temptation for physicians to assume they are sheltered under their employer's medical malpractice insurance, this can be inaccurate. Regardless having enough comprehensive medical malpractice insurance is the sole means of protecting you and your practice from possible financial ruin should you be named in a claim.

Many family general practitioners work within a group practice or in a hospital setting, but also treat patients or give advice after hours. Medical malpractice insurance for family general practitioners provided by an employer in most cases will not provide coverage for doctors working outside of these working hours. similar to the Physicians’ Assistants working as Independent Contractors, we have to find each physician a separate policy that does not piggy back on an unrelated physician’s policy.

Each physician is accountable for their individual negligence, even if they are covered by a group, the physician can still be held responsible for any negligence or neglect resulting from his or her own individual actions. The physician also may be forced to pay damages to his or her employer if the employer's medical malpractice insurance pays out on a claim. Or the employer may try to dissociate the case against the physician from the claim against their practice, thereby forcing the physician to defend themselves separately through their own medical malpractice insurance.

Insuring Family Practitioners with their own separate Limits of Liability: your medical malpractice insurance follows you.

The benefits of having your own family general practice medical malpractice insurance policy are illustrated. Should there be a malpractice lawsuit naming a physician and the practice where he or she works, a separate insurance policy for the physician is additional protection. The insurance company assigns attorney representation solely for the physician; this eliminates the possibility of any conflict of interest arising. In such instances, the attorney would therefore be strictly representing the physician, and not the doctor's employer.

A Family General Practice medical professional liability insurance policy which is in your name alone can also follow you from one employing practice to the next, assuring that you are covered at all times. A lot of physicians moonlight at clinics or provide volunteer work that their employer’s malpractice insurance policy will not cover. Your own family general practice medical malpractice insurance policy protects you against claims outside the scope of your employer's insurance.

The Doctors Insurance Agency helps find affordable and comprehensive medical malpractice insurance for family general practitioners. Whether your family practice is based in Florida, Hawaii or west coast of United States, The Doctors Insurance Agency can find family general practice medical malpractice coverage for you.

For more information regarding medical malpractice insurance for family general practitioners, contact us or fill out the form to receive customized family general practice malpractice insurance quote.

"I have been with the Doctors Company for more than 30 years and The Doctor's Insurance Agency have been my agent for that length. Thanks for the job well done."

- James Ooi, M.D. from Corning, CA

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