Property & General Liability Insurance

Provides Property, Liability, and Business Interruption Coverage

California Property and General Liability insurance, more commonly referred to as Business Owners Policy (BOP) is a package of insurance coverage’s combined in a single policy that meets the insurance needs of many small business owners.

This insurance policy provides maximum limits of liability and full property coverage for the equipment in the office, computers, files, furniture and product inventory are key components of your business and you can protect against the devastating effects of their loss with a Property and General Liability Insurance

Here are two reasons to get started right away!

  1. Since your property changes, it's always a great time to review what you need covered--you can save money and make sure that your property is fully covered.
  2. It's easy and fact to get a no-risk quote. Simply fill out this form and we'll get back to you within a day with custom and affordable business property insurance policy.

The policy is tailor made for your physician’s office. Listed below outlines some of the quality features our carriers can offer for your Personal Property Insurance:

  • Policy limits $ 2,000,000 / $ 4,000,000 Occurrence / Aggregate
  • Hired & Non-owned Auto Liability, a 3rd Party Auto Liability
  • Your desired Business Personal Property Limit
  • Specific Medical Choice Endorsements extending coverage for your practice
  • Low Property Deductibles

We at the Doctors Insurance Agency are available tom provide you with an offer. Contact our California Business Owners Policy specialist Peter McGrath at 800-553-9293 Ext 104 or send an email click here for further information.

Property & General Liability Insurance Quote