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Urgent Care Centers, a hybrid between family and emergency medicine, have become a respected staple in the medical community. They are growing in numbers, because there is a need for more care.However, because it is high-risk, most family practice policies fail to cover this branch of medicine. Urgent Care Centers and allied healthcare professionals that work for them need a policy that can cover their unique insurance needs.

Underwriting Urgent Care Centers Medical Malpractice Insurance and Physician Selection

As we see larger and more frequent jury verdicts, some in excess of $ 10 Million, we will see companies feeling pressure on underwriting. The Risk selection process will be more difficult; making the process of binding slower and more selective.

Physicians are feeling a continual creeping presence of larger groups, consolidation that makes it seemingly impossible to remain independent. The offers are competitive, with salaries rising, some in proportion to the performance and satisfaction ratings of physicians. there are entrepreneurial positions opening up in Plastic Surgery, Cardiology, Primary Care, Dermatology, almost every single specialty is finding ways to grow revenue and create opportunities for extra earnings. These innovations can range from Medical Director work to ownership in endoscopy centers….tele-medicine and workers comp reviews, consults and contracts, there are ways for conventionally employed physicians to increase their ‘side earnings’.

And, amongst all of the entrepreneurial efforts, we see more and more urgent care facilities sprouting up. Urgent care allows for the use of primary care doctors, allied health practitioners, integrative wellness practices, paramedical providers and medical assistants.It is felt that urgent care centers will be an important part of the solution to providing care for 30 million additional Americans needing health care. There is a need to see more patients, and this model accommodates that need with affordability and access.

The Doctors Insurance Agency can help you understand the business needs, the Urgent Care Centers Medical Malpractice Insurance. Urgent Care Centers, if they are owned by more than one physician, need Directors and Officers, Employment Practices, Physicians’ Billing and Data Breach Insurance. And, most importantly, if you are building an urgent care business, you will face the challenge of providing the 84 hours of staffing required with adequate physicians, flexible hours, quality providers and an ongoing attention to risk management.

How Is Tail Handled On These Urgent Care Centers Medical Malpractice Insurance Policies?

The Urgent Care Centers Medical Malpractice Insurance policies provided by The Doctors Company can provide separate limits, without the expensive obstacle “job obstacle” of the tail bills that are generated each time a physician cancels. By developing the premium through the number of patient visits or the RVU’s generated, The Doctors Company can write a Urgent Care Centers Malpractice Insurance policy based on the real, pure risk of being sued, the claim likelihood translated directly into premium, and more importantly with the cost of tail cleverly built into the ongoing premium. This type of pure premium, departed physician roster claims made insurance policy is as rare and unique as it is effective to building your practice.

Urgent Care Centers are dedicated to providing medical care in a setting outside of a hospital emergency room. These clinic/centers are typically run in an unscheduled, walk in basis. They are primarily used to treat patients who have an illness or injury that is not serious enough to necessitate an emergency room visit, but needs immediate attention.

Consistent with the goal of reforming health care, urgent care centers can increase access without increasing affordability. The problem is that claims in the area of missed diagnosis or poor physician patient relations can arise more often in this practice setting.

This is why, The Doctors Company is working hard to expand their online program to help build patient safety skills and provide premium discounts for those who attend these important meetings, webinars and luncheons. Additionally, our patient safety specialists will come to your office to do an ‘in service’ to teach the staff the importance of the latest skills in data sharing and communication.

In 2009, the Urgent Care Association of America developed criteria for urgent care centers to abide by. They must now carry the “Certified Urgent Care” designation defining their scope of service, hours of operations and staffing requirement which must be made available to the public. For more information, on this you can visit the official UCAoA website.

Find the right Urgent Care Centers Medical Malpractice Insurance

The Doctors Insurance Agency is working to enhance and develop different Urgent Care Centers Medical Malpractice Insurance policies and premium methods to insure Urgent Care Centers and their physicians.

Since these centers are ‘popping up’ quickly, we must underwrite them quickly, time is of the essence.

Urgent Care Centers offers time by making care available and accessible; At The Doctors Insurance Agency, we work hard to understand the importance of these unique claims, staffing and cash management needs of these start up centers. As the oldest and most experienced Urgent Care Centers Medical Malpractice Insurer in the nation, we provide our customers with unparalleled expertise and defense.

Representing The Doctors Company, founded by physicians, we also understand the evolving nature of medicine. Urgent Care Centers are making important changes to accommodate this influx of patients,and, they cannot grow and thrive without insurance, nor can they find the right price without working with agents and brokers who understand the need of these types of medical groups.

Urgent Care Centers are changing the face of how medicine is delivered. Today there are nearly 8,150 facilities across the country helping to fill a void in medical service and treatment.

Urgent Care Center Medical Malpractice Insurance will provide the flexibility to allow the staff to take infrequent shifts, these policies protect urgent care center facilities and the allied healthcare professionals that staff them from claims that can arise while practicing medicine. This particular type of medical group can be slightly higher risk because the physician must ultimately work with many allied healthcare providers to extend their service and reach. Although they may be marginally covered by their center’s policy, Allied healthcare practitioners should obtain their own policies to ensure their assets receive full protection.

Because of the previously mentioned RVU style of building the policies, the cost is manageable. Our agency actually will work to offer a variety of options to Urgent Care Centers. Understand that your business insurance policy does not cover your Urgent Care Center Medical Malpractice risk; you need a specialized policy of professional liability insurance, negotiated and managed by a specialized malpractice insurance agent and agency in order to maintain competitive and appropriate insurance protection.

For more information regarding Urgent Care Centers Medical Malpractice insurance, contact us or fill out the form to receive a your free, no obligation customized insurance quote.

Urgent Care Centers Medical Malpractice Insurance