Medical Malpractice Insurance for OB/GYN Physicians

Medical Malpractice Insurance for OB/GYN Physicians

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency has been working to find the most competitive premiums for our OB/GYNs in California and throughout the country. Whether we are able to discount your premium because of an affiliation with a hospital, or participation in a risk management program, or merely by virtue of your participation in a society or association that endorses The Doctors’ Company, we will work for you to reduce your premium.

Recently, because the face of medicine and healthcare is changing so rapidly, we are finding ways to insure our Obstetrics Groups without the prohibitively expensive cost of tail. Tail can impact your group's ability to recruit, to retain and to grow. Additionally, without the proper coverage in place, we are finding that we are not as able to meet the growing "hospitalist" responsibilities that present to Ob/Gyn groups.

From attorney training to litigation retreats where we train the physician defendants on the process of the lawsuit, The Doctors Company is bringing every resource that our size and tenacious commitment to providing conservatively financed insurance can bring to this unique challenge. Defending the practice of good medicine, that is our goal...that is our promise.

Ob/Gyn’s are increasingly asked to provide primary care, aesthetic and specialty care to their loyal patients. Their training covers treating the entire scope of the female reproductive organs, both surgical and non-surgical. The Doctors Insurance Agency’s experienced medical malpractice insurance consultants are equipped to provide the appropriate medical malpractice coverage relating to this practice of medicine: from medispa to hospitalist, from laborist, to conventional clinic practice.

Physicians who specialize in obstetrics and gynecology face a higher percentage of medical malpractice claims than the average medical specialty. Thus, it is vital that OB/GYN doctors protect their practice and have adequate medical malpractice liability coverage.

In today's highly litigious environment, the availability of affordable medical malpractice insurance too often hinders the ability of OB/Gyns to practice medicine and, in many more cases, causes them to practice defensive medicine that ultimately drives up healthcare costs for all Americans. Working with our expansive network of patient safety experts, we can handle your continuing education needs, (or help in this pursuit), we can arrange in office meetings with staff and physicians, and we can arrange online and in person educational simulation training to handle the emergencies that occur in this specialty.

Obstetrics specifically is a medical specialty with high professional liability exposure. Because parent-patients hold high expectations for excellent outcomes, every aspect of an adverse obstetric outcome has become an opportunity for a legal review of the care provided. In the face of an adverse outcome, families will almost always ask, “Was it bad luck or bad medicine?”

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency will work with your group to help you implement a flexible auxiliary physician header, or departed physician roster to offset that prohibitively expensive cost of tail insurance. The Doctors’ Insurance Agency will work with the right underwriter to look for eligible discounts – even a 5 % discount can bring substantial savings to your practice.

Advocacy by organizations such as the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG) to pass meaningful tort reform legislation that would lower medical liability insurance rates is likely to be an ongoing effort with incremental advances, but crucial to individual OB/Gyn’s ability to control their individual premium is the ability to reduce adverse outcomes through risk management procedures.

OB/GYN Medical Malpractice Insurance

The Doctors Insurance Agency helps OB/GYN physicians connect with Ob/Gyn medical liability insurance companies that provide coverage specific to the needs of OB/GYNs. Our agents realize the challenges and potential complications that OB/GYN doctors are faced with and understand how that affects malpractice insurance premiums. Accordingly, we streamline the malpractice insurance process for OB/GYNs by comparing multiple malpractice insurance quotes, highlighting the differences between the policies, and finding the lowest rates available to you. We know that acquiring the malpractice insurance policy with the ideal cost to coverage ratio will help build your practice well into the future. Even if you are in the middle of your current policy, you can still switch and save. Focus on patient care while we shop the market for you.

Our agents ensure that physicians have confidence in their medical liability insurance for Ob/Gyn policies and understand how the coverage operates to protect them in the event of a lawsuit. The Doctors Insurance Agency provides you with medical malpractice insurance quotes, communicates directly with the insurance company throughout the application process, and makes sure the policy is issued.

For more information regarding OB/GYN medical malpractice insurance, contact us or fill out the form to receive customized gynecologist malpractice insurance quotes.

OB/GYN Medical Malpractice Insurance