Tail Coverage

As you begin the process of tapering down your practice it is important to make sure you have no gaps in your past malpractice coverage. It is possible for you to be named in future claims for services your provided prior to retiring. The Doctors Company’s free tail insurance is extended to physicians who retire completely from the practice of medicine and have been with TDC for at least five years at the time of retirement. If these criteria are not met you will have the option to purchase tail coverage upon cancelling your TDC policy.

Tail Coverage or Extended Reporting Periods offer additional coverage to a physician when they retire, leave a group or join a self-insured organization. Tail coverage can be purchased for an additional premium. Please contact The Doctors Insurance Agency for more information about the process involved in acquiring tail coverage.

Physicians who meet certain criteria will qualify for free tail coverage when they retire completely from the practice of medicine. Again, we invite you to contact your agent to discuss your needs and the eligibility requirements.

When Extended Reporting Period Coverage (tail) is purchased, the aggregate limit provided under the expiring policy will be reinstated. This aggregate limit applies to the entire Tail Coverage period and is reduced by all amounts the Company pays for damages for claims reported during the entire Tail Period.

When do I qualify for Free Tail Coverage?

The Doctors Company will waive the premium for Tail coverage if a Named Insured:

  • Has permanently and completely retired from the practice of medicine; and
  • Has been continuously insured with the Doctors Company or one of its subsidiaries for at least five years.

TDC will also waive the premium for Tail Coverage in the event of:

  • The death of the Named Insured while his/her policy is in force; or
  • The total and permanent disability of the Named Insured when the disability commences while the policy is in force.