Dialysis Center Liability Insurance

Endoscopy Labs and the Professional Liability Insurance

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency often can provide liability insurance coverage to your Dialysis Center along with the entity professional liability insurance that protects your medical corporation. Providing separate ‘Dialysis center-or-home-based dialysis services creates a unique variety of healthcare professional liability. We have insured Nephrologists and their medical groups for years, it is so important that your insurance carrier understands the nature and scale of your business exposures and can insure nephrology medical groups for professional liability insurance as well as provide Dialysis Center Liability.

Like a Plastic Surgery Group that insures it’s surgery center as part of the medical malpractice policy, The Doctors Company can offer specialized dialysis liability coverage when the only patients who use the Dialysis Center come from the patients in the group that we insure. Dialysis centers serve a critical need to their community and their patients. And, the business can represent a nice diversification for a physician’s practice. Owning a dialysis center may be profitable, but it’s also a very big responsibility. The Doctors’ Insurance Agency can help you keep track of the center by working with professional patient safety specialists to help you manage the risk. Talk with us about our Dialysis Center Liability programs and solutions.

If we insure all of the physicians in a Nephrology Group, and they refer patients to their own centers, then The Doctors Company will extend medical malpractice insurance to the Center without adding any additional premium, or limits (no additional aggregate, no General Liability). But you will have $1 Million/$3 Million in limits of liability (or higher if the physicians carry higher limits) sharing professional liability insurance with the physicians.

For ‘Stand alone’ Dialysis Centers, The Doctors’ Insurance Agency works with World Wide Facilities to help us approach the right carrier for the size of your Center.

Medical Malpractice Insurance to protect your Dialysis Center

Patients rely on Dialysis Centers to provide safe, timely and efficient service. You should expect the same level of service from your malpractice insurance. The Doctors’ Insurance Agency has 10 agents, with years, decades of experience developing relationships with underwriters and specialty carriers to find the right coverage for the group of nephrologists and the Dialysis Center Liability Insurance that fits the center.

We have agents ready to help you in any state. It may be best to structure the policy so that you get the coverage for the Dialysis Center, your Medical Directors and physicians all on one policy.”

Dialysis Centers and their associated physicians are often covered already by The Doctors Company. The Center should have a separate Dialysis Center Liability Policy, this provides the necessary 'arms length' distance between the physicians and the facilities. We just want to make sure we examine the entire risk, the whole practice to make sure it is all include.

Hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, end-stage renal disease treatment—it should all be covered. Statistics show that there are more than 4,000 outpatient dialysis facilities with 300,000 patients nationwide. With an increasing demand for this medical technology, these numbers are expected to continue to grow. Just as the physicians need coverage for all of the roles that they play in the center, the dialysis center needs to cover everyone in the center. This includes the trained technicians and medical assistants. Doctorsagency.com can provide you with quotations from the leading dialysis center malpractice insurance providers in the nation to meet those needs. We have expert representatives in that understand the importance of liability coverage for dialysis facilities and trained healthcare providers, and they’re ready to work with you now.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has multiple markets available to help you pick find the right protection, we have dedicated resources to protect your center and your physicians should a claim arise.

We provide the solution to the critical exposures you face:

  • Professional Liability/General Liability coverage on an occurrence or claims-made basis
  • Incident sensitive trigger
  • Defense outside limits
  • Consent to settle is with the first named insured
  • Unlimited reporting endorsement available with reinstatement of limits
  • Prior acts coverage offered$1,000,000/$3,000,000 primary limits offered with follow form excess up to $5,000,000/$5,000,000
  • First dollar coverage available as well as various deductible options
  • Medical Director coverage included

Contact us and let us show you how we can save you money… money you can put back into your facility and your practice.

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