Nurse Practitioner Malpractice Insurance

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Nurse Practitioner Medical Malpractice Insurance

Nurse Practitioner Medical Malpractice Insurance

All of us at The Doctors' Insurance Agency understand how to work toward obtaining the right fit of Malpractice Insurance for Nurse Practitioners. Our agency has been working with physicians, facilities and allied healthcare providers to find insurance solutions for 25 years.

Nurse practitioners are firmly utilized in today's healthcare system and with a shortage of primary care physicians, population growth and more aging patients who require treatment this trend will continue to grow. Additionally, nurse practitioner roles have expanded over the years from routine medical services to complicated and specialized services for hospitals and medical practices across the country. With expanding roles and demands on providing quality care to a growing population comes increase risk exposure. A better-informed public with heightened outcome expectations create an environment where healthcare professionals are more vulnerable to liability issues. Increased risk exposures also come with the use of new technology and the greater use of electronic health records.

Nurse Practitioner Owned Clinics

The primary function of your professional liability policy is to defend and indemnify you against legal actions arising out of negligent acts, real or perceived, in your role as a healthcare provider. Many nurse practitioners rely on their employers to provide coverage, which can leave them exposed in a way that an individual policy would not. Your own policy ensures that you are personally protected regardless of job changes and protects you against any potential conflicts of interest between employers and coworkers.

Whether you are working full time or part time, you can choose limits of liability you feel most comfortable carrying. In addition to professional liability insurance , the carrier we use provides additional coverages which include:

  • Workplace/Premises Liability
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Good Samaritan
  • Employment Practice Liability
  • Assault Upon You
  • First Aid
  • Medical Payments
  • Deposition Fee
  • License Defense
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Loss Of Earnings
  • HIPAA Defense
  • Biomedical Defense

Nurse Practitioner Malpractice Insurance Annual Rates

Dependent on your classification, state of practice and limits of liability your premium will fall into one of the following ranges. You will need to complete an application with our carrier through this secure link to determine eligibility and premium. The rates listed below are not inclusive and are provided to give you an indication of rate. Additional limits are available.

Rates for self-employed nurse practitioners on an occurrence policy:

  1. Specializing in Dermatology, Geriatric, Oncology, Gynecology or Correctional Facility: Limits of Liability $1MM/$3MM From $594-$807*
  2. Specializing in Psychiatric Care: Limits of Liability $1,MM/$3MM  From $840-$1,538*
  3. Specializing in Family Practice, Pediatric, School Nurse, Neonatal Care: Limits of Liability of $1MM/$3MM From $1,086 to $1,812*
  4. Specializing in Acute Critical Care, OB/GYN, Perinatal Care, Cosmetic/Aesthetic, Pain Management. Limits of Liability of $1MM/$3MM From $1,334 to $1,812*

*Does not include Florida rates which exceed this range.

The Doctors' Insurance Agency is very pleased to represent CM&F NPSecure® underwritten by the top-rated Medical Protective, rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best. As the nation's oldest provider of medical professional liability insurance, Medical Protective has been protecting the assets and reputations of doctors and other healthcare providers for over 100 years.

NPSecure® is includes the following benefits: Occurrence Coverage, Employed and Self-Employed Options, HIPAA Defense Coverage, License and Deposition Expense Coverage, all at affordable prices.

For more information regarding medical malpractice insurance for Nurse Practitioners, please contact us or fill out the form. We look forward to setting up your Nurse Practitioner Malpractice Insurance coverage.

Nurse Practitioner Medical Malpractice Insurance