Oncology Medical Malpractice Insurance

An oncologist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. After a cancer diagnosis is made, it is the oncologist's role to explain the cancer diagnosis, the meaning of the disease stage to the patient; discuss various treatment options; recommend the best course of treatment; deliver care; and improve quality of life both through curative therapy and palliative care with pain and symptom management.

Among the many policies issued by The Doctors' Company and The Doctors' Insurance Agency, Oncology Medical Malpractice Insurance is among the most crucial. The Doctors' Company Patient Safety Specialists work in many of our insureds offices, forming peer review panels, claims study groups, academic webinars and weekend symposiums to learn how to reduce the incidence of claims, accidents, and to improve the practice of good medicine.

The Doctors' Company is actively involved, through its Patient Safety Foundation in improving care and controlling the high cost of medical malpractice insurance for many specialties involved in Cancer Care: from Radiologists, to internists, to Therapeutive Interventional Radiologists, to Oncologists and the important, ground breaking, lifesaving Cancer Centers, Oncology is one of the many sub-specialties of Internal Medicine, specifically underwritten and rated by The Doctors' Insurance Agency.

For members of the American College of Physicians, there is a 5% premium discount available; for others who might be claims free, there are up to 17.5% discounts, and for some who participate in eligible risk management programs, there may be yet another 5% discount. The Doctors' Company understands that whether you belong to large medical group, a locums agency, a hospital employee or an independent contractor practicing alone, it is so important to carry oncology medical malpractice insurance from a quality carrier.

One of the key features of The Doctors' Company (represented by our agency, The Doctors' Insurance Agency) is our national presence: endorsed nationally, present in almost every state (other than Massachusetts and New York), we can provide prior acts coverage over most carriers allowing for easy transfer into and out of your state.

ACP With a dedicated agency staff constantly training, listening and participating in rating and coverage decisions with underwriting, The Doctors' Insurance Agency in Northern California is posed to go to work for you. It is our mission to advocate for Oncologists so that the rate of Medical Malpractice Insurance is the most competitive in the field.

If your group owns, partially or entirely, a surgical center, The Doctors' Company again is very competitive. It might be an important consideration to maintain separate coverage entirely for a facility affiliated closely with the Oncology Group.

Oncology Sub-Specialties

There are several sub-specialties within oncology. These are mostly priced the same; ask us to provide a premium indication and to discuss the best way to rate your practice.

According to News Medical Online: Dr. Ananya Mandal goes on to define Oncology subspecialties:

  • Radiation Oncology - this deals with the use of radiation therapy in treating cancer
  • Surgical Oncology - this branch involves surgeons who are skilled in cancer and tumor removal. Since cancers are highly vascular (rich in blood supply) surgeons who practice oncology need special skills in order to excel in onco-surgery
  • Medical Oncology - these oncologists deal with the treatment of cancer using chemotherapeutic agents. In North America the term clinical oncologist and medical Oncologist is used interchangeably
  • Interventional Oncology - these are interventional radiologists who specialize in minimally invasive image guided tumor therapies
  • Gynecologic Oncology - these physicians deal with cancers of the female reproductive organs alone
  • Pediatric Oncology - these oncologists deal with childhood cancers alone

Oncology Medical Malpractice Claims

Oncologists, like all specialists must worry about medical malpractice claims: Oncologists can take the same important preventive measures that other specialties can take to decrease the chance of being named in a claim. Many of these steps involve informing patients and their families about realistic expectations from treatment. Unrealistic expectations ofter provide the basis for lawsuits.

Once a claim is reported, it can take years before it is resolved. On average, the length of time between the initial naming of a physician and final settlement can be 3-5 years. Litigation is usually costly and awards can be significant. If you have procured a solid Medical Malpractice insurance company, you can rest assured that you will not be left alone; you have an experienced team of representatives and lawyers to help you. There is a peace of mind in knowing that if a lawsuit is presented, you have a well-financed, well leveraged, financially conservative and defensively expert and aggressive malpractice insurance carrier.

What Coverage Does An Oncology Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy Provide?

Most medical malpractice insurance policies (and these Oncology policies are generally the same) are written on a claims made basis. The policies cover the expense of defense and the settlements up to the policy limits (for all claims reported during the policy period, dating back to the retroactive date of coverage).

The cost of Oncology Medical Malpractice Insurance is a function of the length of time you have been in practiced, the number of years you need coverage to go back in time, the territory in which you practice and your overall loss experience. One of the most important issues in selecting an agent to represent you, is to ensure that the insurance agency understands the often limited choices within your territory. There just aren't that many viable options, once you find the company that writes policies in your area, having an experienced and committed representative of that company can be the difference between acceptance and discounts and rejection or published and/or surcharged premiums. It is that vital to understand the way the risk is presented.

Oncologists should always research their options when purchasing their medical malpractice insurance policy. If you own an oncology center, you may wish to insure the two together (the physicians, the center): The Doctors Insurance Agency is determined to helping physicians obtain oncology medical malpractice insurance quotes. Oncology Malpractice insurance rates vary and its difficult in understanding which medical malpractice insurance companies to start your research. Our malpractice insurance agents help oncologists understand the differences between the medical malpractice insurance quotes available. We assist oncology physicians in selecting a malpractice insurance policy and work for your best interest in obtaining the lowest rates based on your situation.

Providing strong understanding of the nuances of your price and being available to listen, to learn about what is special about your practice is vital to finding the right carrier fit and the most competitive premium. Customer service is a bit of a cliché; it goes without saying that you must have someone to listen to you. Customer service and satisfaction are important to us in developing relationships. We are working for you to provide the best possible insurance coverage at a sustainable, realistic premium: competitive, without being irresponsible.

For more information regarding medical malpractice insurance for oncologists, contact us or fill out the form to receive customized oncology medical malpractice insurance quote.

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