Detox & Rehabilitation Professional Liability Insurance

When Do You Need Detox & Rehabilitation Professional Liability Insurance?

When Do You Need Detox & Rehabilitation Professional Liability Insurance?

When your priority is dealing with fragile human minds and bodies, shattered by the rigors of addiction, it's important not to lose focus on the risks you and your team face when things go wrong or when allegations of malpractice, negligence or other liability infractions arise.

It's just as crucial to protect your substance abuse and addiction treatment professionals as it is to safeguard the people in their care.

To secure the most effective insurance protection for your needs, you should be consulting with experts in an agency that specializes in behavioral facilities coverage, like The Doctors Insurance Agency.

Over many years, we've developed a liability insurance custom program specifically for detox and rehabilitation professionals, their facilities and practices. We're here to help you.

Key Points of Coverage

Working with clients of all sizes and types, The Doctors Insurance Agency provides Medical Malpractice Professional Liability Insurance solutions for inpatient and outpatient facilities as well as rehabilitation home care providers.

For example, we understand the difference between a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient program.

We can integrate a program that soundly covers owners, employees and third-party providers.

The scope of our program includes essential and optional elements that we discuss with all clients before tailoring the right coverage package.

These elements can include professional and general liability, and liability coverage for employee benefits, sexual misconduct and molestation, patient rights coverage, personal and advertising injury, patient loss of property and much more.

Who Can Be Covered?

The Doctors Insurance Agency offers custom detox & rehabilitation professional liability insurance for physicians, psychiatrists, detox specialists, counselors, social workers, case managers and therapists at businesses, not-for-profits and public sector organizations.

We refer to behavioral care as an overarching term for the treatment of substance abuse addictions; that is, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, prescription meds, gambling, eating disorders, etc., and mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, developmentally disabled, etc.).

Also included in our addiction treatment center insurance program are ancillary activities on the human services side, such as vocational training and supportive housing – recovery residences, sober living homes and step-down programs.

How The Doctors Insurance Agency Can Help You

Addiction treatment providers have faced a wild ride with insurance terms and pricing. Coverage rates during the last decade have fallen significantly. But now the emerging risks of recent years have begun to push up lawsuit settlements and defense costs, exerting upward pressure on rates once again.

In these times of rate uncertainty, you need to be able to rely on insurance specialists with a finger on the market pulse to secure exactly the right coverage at the most competitive rates.

Why We're Your Best Solution

With the complex range of coverage available you need market expertise that will simplify for you the whole process of arranging behavioral health and addiction center liability insurance.

Our team of seasoned experts can draw on an immense breadth of experience to answer your questions and provide guidance on code and regulatory compliance, as well as risk management.

We use 'A' rated carriers designated by financial data specialists A.M. Best. And our cutting-edge technology enables us to customize your coverage precisely to your needs and secure some of the lowest rates available from reputable insurers.

Plus, if or when you need to make a claim, we are here to support and advocate for you.

Take Action Now

Healthcare reform has brought a deluge of regulatory and reimbursement risks into the industry, each one with its own challenges.

Health system integration has addiction treatment providers taking on risks they may not be comfortable with or not understand completely. Our expert liability brokers can assist you efficiently in addressing these issues.

Contact the experts at The Doctor Insurance Agency now for a free, confidential and no commitment discussion about your liability insurance needs.

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