The Doctors’ Insurance Agency Focuses on New Health Care Facility Insurance Programs

Already established in offering programs for Medspa’s and Weight Management Clinics, The Doctors’ Insurance Agency, through our partnership with a National Lloyd’s of London Program Manager, is working hard to continue it’s specialization in these alternative healthcare markets. 

We will be working with Risk Retention Groups and Specialty Insurance Carriers to develop Professional Liability Policies to insure Federally Qualified Community Health Centers, the expansion of the government billing audits, anti Aging procedures, ambulatory surgery centers and other outpatient facilities,

Medispas are long established as affordable, relaxing, even life changing clinics in healthcare.  Providing many patients with renewable and affordable aesthetic services, the risk is managed well by partnering with specialty insurers.  Our agency works with Underwriters with years of experience in this maturing market to help you as the owner of the medspa protect yourself against the likely claims of laser burns and reactions to injectibles.

Our products come with risk management hot lines and claims management that can have a real impact on your loss experience and the premium charged for the necessary medspa professional liability.  We insure all of the following procedures under the Medspa program:

·                        Lasers, IPLs, and LEDs

·                        Botox/Dermal Fillers

·                        Weight Loss & HCG

·                        Appetite Suppressants

·                        Mesotherapy

·                        Sclerotherapy

·                        Medical Strength Peels

·                        Microdermabrasion

·                        Permanent Cosmetics

·                        Laser Assisted Lipolysis (Including Slim Lipo & Vaser)

·                        Colon Hydrotherapy

·                        Latisse Prescriptions

·                        Vitamin Injections

·                        Day Spas

Whether you are an owner, an aesthetician, registered nurse, allied healthcare provider or medical doctor, we can insure you for any of these procedures.

If you are a physician who has been asked to serve as the Medical Director of one of these programs:

Stand alone coverage for directors of various types of facilities including:  Medical Spas  Occupational Therapy Clinics  LTC Facilities  Salons  or Spas , we can help you too.

 Often, physicians pay too much, or go unprotected because they do not understand how to separate the risks in their practice,

Not every policy opens a new tail, not every policy is priced separately and importantly, the policies that you take or use to cover these ancillary risks should not impact your own medical malpractice insurance policy’s loss history.

The loss history is your legacy, your statement or c.v. of your professional record as a practitioner, This independent medical malpractice policy should be closely guarded and separately measured for loss against premium paid, (which is your own individual loss ratio).

We represent close to 3,000 medial facilities and medical groups, ancillary providers and physicians. Let us work hard to advocate for you, to work for low premium and large coverage.

As you consider working for a Federally backed Community Health Clinic in any capacity, let us go to work with our national specialty markets to place the business with the right carrier separate from your physician liability practice. Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Anti Aging procedures, Weight Loss Clinics, working with physicians or operating on their own with Nurses and trained staff for that particular discipline, The Doctors’ Insurance Agency has the answer for your liability problem at the lowest premium available.


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