Aesthetic, Med Director, Consulting Professional Liability Insurance

February 20, 2019

Aesthetic, Med Director, Consulting - Niche liability is one of the problems for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and family practitioners when considering insurance needs.

Understandably, there are many restrictions on clinical medical malpractice policies. Those policies are restricted to the location and to a particular type of work. There are vicarious liability risks that rise for a healthcare organization when physicians who are contracted to do clinical work take on contractual commitments outside of that organization.

Whether you are doing work at a Surgery Center, infrequent Telemedicine consultations, hospitalist work, Medical Expert Witness, or utilization review, each of these jobs carries its own unique liability. They can all be covered by one policy, or you can take an individual silo approach to finding niche-oriented liability.

A common question that we often hear from specialties such as dermatology, plastic surgery, otolaryngology, and family practice is

Does your medical professional liability policy cover...

  • MediSpa-Aesthetic ownership/Med Director/Direct Patient Care
  • Healthcare consulting
  • Providing expert witness
  • Independent medical reviews
  • Medical Director Services at Drug, Alcohol Recovery, Rehab Centers
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Workers’ compensation reviews
  • Telemedicine/Telederm
  • Network Security/Technology Errors Omissions
  • MultiState Clinical and Virtual Care
  • Functional/Age Management Services
  • Urgent/Hospitalist Care

The Doctors Insurance Agency Medical Professional Liability Insurance Special Niche Services

Vicarious liability that arises for a healthcare organization is real, and your work in the above areas should be kept separate. The policies for these claims can often be found for less than $2,000 annual premium. One policy can cover more than one type of consultation contractual service, and it is almost always best to carry just one policy. Extending two different types of service with one policy keeps costs manageable and contains the risk to one carrier.

Whether you are an owner in an outpatient clinic, or you agree to help a friend start a medical spa, The Doctors Insurance Agency has ready specialty markets and 10 professional license agents and brokers working nationally with a network of carriers to help you find the policy that is right for you and your practice.

A mistake that can be made is to assume that your clinical liability policy will extend to these services, or to take for granted that the policy in place at these outside outpatient facilities or aesthetic centers automatically covers you. These are questions that are worth asking. Just as the hospital credentialing panel requires proof of insurance, so should you when you’re considering a contract with any organization or healthcare facility.

If you are taking an ownership position, then you should talk to us about the facility policy that includes flexible rosters that cover physicians, interchangeable medical directors and mid-level malpractice coverage. Without the interchangeable flexible and broad definition of insured, each contracted provider will require their own separate policy.

A well-constructed medical spa, wellness center, surgery center, or urgent care center will have liability insurance embedded in the policy, so one policy covers everything. As you consider these outside projects, give The Doctors Insurance Agency a chance to help you review the insurance