Are You Providing Noninvasive Skin Solutions?

May 14, 2018

We recently helped to find coverage for two Aestheticians performing noninvasive skin solutions.

The scope of work they were seeking for coverage only required an esthetician license. They did not need to have a Medical Director Physician as a supervisor and do not perform laser, invasive treatments, injectables and peels. But they wanted to ‘upgrade’ their staff from Aestheticians to RN’s and their current policy allows for coverage for up to 4 estheticians but does not cover RNs, only estheticians.

Initially they were looking for Cosmetic RN Individual Professional Liability Insurance policies but we recommended a group policy would be the best solution for them; one allowing them to add additional cosmetic nurses as they grow and eventually adding more services: like injectables, laser, etc. A group policy is the most comprehensive way to cover the entity and all employees and independent contractors providing these noninvasive (and invasive) skin solutions.

Cosmetic Nurse Individual Policy versus Group Policy

We write a lot of Cosmetic Nurse Individual policies, most of them with premiums between $900 and $1,100 per cosmetic nurse (depending on the limits of insurance) However, the better approach is with a more comprehensive policy that covers the business (MedSpa) and the RN’s providing the skin care services.

There are specialized insurance carriers that write Individual Cosmetic Nurse Professional Liability policies that include just the services and the providers (in this case, the RNs) Additionally, the policy will cover the RN as the owner(s) in the business, not the business itself.

A MediSpa Liability Insurance Policy can be structured to cover the Spa, the employees, a Physician Medical Director, Nurse Practitioners, RNs performing laser and injectables and even Property and General Liability (all reasonably affordable).

The Doctors Insurance Agency is always working hard with our partners to continue bringing the best solution to all of our Cosmetic RN and Aestheticians clients.