Behavioral Health Liability Insurance

July 14, 2023

The Doctors Insurance Agency provides Behavioral Health Therapists with professional liability insurance. We write medical malpractice insurance for allied health professionals and healthcare organizations. 

We represent the top professional liability carriers and will present your behavioral health liability insurance application to the markets to ensure that your behavioral therapy organization, inpatient or outpatient, has the proper malpractice in place. 

This professional and general liability  insurance,  which is specifically designed for the mental health niche, includes coverage for  medical doctors (either providing direct patient care or medical director services only) and advanced practice clinicians (NPs and Pas) - (general practice and those specializing in psychiatric behavioral health professional services). One of the behavioral healthcare liability insurance carriers that has demonstrated continuing commitment competitiveness and claims ability is CapSpecialty. 

As CapSpecialty Insurance says on their website: “… Especially now, human services organizations need insurance partners dedicated to supporting their mission.

CapSpecialty offers tailored insurance products underwritten by energetic and passionate human services experts. The program includes superior customer service, a customized risk management approach, and experienced, in-house claims professionals.” 

The medical provider professional liability  policies can protect just the entity of organization and /or non-medical doctors working on behalf of the organization.

This structure eases your burden of recruiting and assures all of the professionals involved with your organization that you will provide the necessary insurance for them while they are contracted or employed by your organization. 

The professional liability insurance Premiums are manageable, and the definitions of insured are broad and inclusive, extending to the MD serving as the medical director. 

The Doctors Insurance Agency understands that you purchase Medical Professional Liability Insurance because… you have to!  {And incidentally, it protects your assets your reputation and allows you to continue your career in the event of a complicated proceeding against you.} 

The liability insurance also provides proper legal representation in the event of an allegation of injury resulting from your professional services. 

The Doctors Insurance Agency partners with medical practice consultants and cyber liability experts to ensure you have more than professional liability. 

In our experience, these are the three most important elements of a successful behavioral health practice: 

  • Medical professional liability
  • Practice marketing and management
  • Cyber strategies and response

 This medical malpractice management is provided by The Doctors Insurance Agency as well as healthcare practice clinical and business management strategies supported by  The Medical Advantage Group. 

They (M.A.G.) will give you  the necessary ideas and strategies to run a successful behavioral therapy practice.


From the website of the medical advantage group: 

Consulting Services for Behavioral Health Practices 

Prioritize Your Energy to Patients Who Need You 

Inefficient backend tasks such as juggling your EHR, telehealth platform, patient portal, and billing rob you of the precious time and energy you need to care for your patients and your office staff. Our practice consultants work with providers to streamline your organizational operations and practice management so you can better care for your current patients and make room for more with this in-demand specialty.

 The third business imperative and managing your behavioral health organization is to have proper cyber security protecting that personal health information.

We partner with Beazley insurance products to provide cyber network security liability insurance.

From the Beazley Digital protection team:

Beazley Breach Response (BBR) is a privacy breach response management and information security insurance solution.

Coverage includes: 

  • Legal services 
  • Computer forensic services
  • Notification services  
  • Call center services 

Credit monitoring, identity monitoring or other personal fraud or loss prevention solutions Public relations and crisis management expenses. All of the policy’s multiple limits will be available for breach response.  


  • Business interruption loss from security breach or system failure 
  • Dependent business interruption loss from security breach or system failure 
  • Cyber extortion loss 
  • Data recovery loss 
  • Data and network liability.  


  • Third-party information security and privacy coverage 
  • Full media liability 
  • Regulatory defense and penalties 
  • Payment card liability and costs.  

We are living in a time when these services have never been more important. Running a behavioral therapy practice requires commitment and passion and sacrifice. We would like to relieve you and of the worry of who within your organization needs the insurance and how to obtain it. 

Behavioral health organizational liability policies are affordable. 

The Doctors Insurance Agency is competitive and committed - we to helping your organization thrive.