Can I insure my Expanding Wellness Center to Cover Nutritional Counseling via Telemedicine?

April 24, 2018

Do I need to cover my Independent Contractors?

I'm a Chiropractor , I have my own insurance, I just need you to cover everyone else..? We've started doing Injectables off sight to expand the business, how can I cover my Aesthetician for doing Botox Injections or IV Hydration therapy at businesses, parties, association meetings? My Medical Director is going to prescribe medicine and lifestyle counseling to men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or Age Related Hormone related issues.

These are the questions that are becoming more frequent and the problems that The Doctors Insurance Agency in Northern California can solve (with our national healthcare liability insurance brokerage network).

Professional Liability Insurance is the same whether you are providing nutritional counseling at a single location or whether you are expanding your business through use of website landing pages or other online portal.

The Consulting Liability Insurance policy should include Tail Insurance

The Medical Spa Professional Liability Insurance for your Weight Management Wellness Center needs to cover all technicians and professionals providing that service; there needs to be consideration given to licensing, the state in which the professional is located and the state where the client is located if you are providing these services via the use of telehealth technology. The Doctors Insurance Agency can find a Professional Liability Insurance policy to cover you and your staff for providing these virtual wellness consultations which will include tail insurance.

The business of Anti Aging is exploding as therapies, interventions, vitamin supplements and medicine change the way we live; Nurses going into the home and nursing facility should have a complete professional liability insurance policy that covers them in the office, in the facility and Online!:

Functional Medicine Liability Insurance is similar to Clinical Medical Malpractice insurance: the underwriters, the specialty insurance carriers just need to understand how to rate and underwriter these practitioners. These remedies and lifestyle changes have introduced the subspecialty of functional medicine, anti aging techniques and therapies that change lives (as well as introduce new professional liability risks and threats to the Wellness center which might have previously not thought about such a diverse offering of services.

Suddenly, the owners of these wellness and weight management businesses are faced with uncertainty of who to cover, where to cover/ insure them and how best to insure the present risk and the risk of a lawsuit being presented in the future (tail insurance). There should just be one policy covering either the MD, DO, or Midlevel practitioner who is providing the service, whether that practitioner owns the clinic, or practices alone as an Independent contractor. The professional liability policy covering the functional medicine practitioner should be able to expand and grow with the Doctor/healthcare provider.

The growth of the Anti Aging industry is why we are seeing these businesses become MediSpas (because it makes sense to include aesthetic services to these clients who are so interested in changing their health and their lifestyle), these practioners invest more time (because they can!) in their patients, they follow them by scheduling phone follow up and online communications, using technology for face to face consults using virtual medical technology.

These are the new methods of providing services for Wellness Centers and the insurance for these centers needs to keep up!

The Insurance for wellness Centers is expanding or rather the services provided at wellness centers are expanding and therefore the need for professional liability insurance to include everyone expand with it. One of the biggest mistakes that we see in our national healthcare liability insurance brokerage at the Doctors Insurance Agency in northern California is the desire for owners to offload or contract out professional liability insurance to other insurance carriers. Contractors range from naturopathic physicians, massage therapists, traditional counselors, aestheticians, lifestyle coaches, and personal trainers.

Insuring Massage Therapists and Colon Hydro therapists alone or as part of an organization:

The Doctors Insurance Agency works with such professional organizations/ brokers and markets as Hiscox, PPIB, World Wide Facilities and The Doctors' Specialty Underwriters:

The Doctors Insurance Agency in Northern California works to protect the following in their wellness program insurance policies: Nutritional Counseling, Colon Hydro therapists Medical Directors, Dietitian Services, Wellness Analysis;IV Hydration, hCG, Phentermine, Phendimetrazine, Lipotropics, Didrex, Cellulite Reduction , Vitamin Injectables, Weight Loss, Hormone Treatments Yoga and Pilates, Medispas, and Products Liability.

The common request of providing insurance to just cover the chiropractic services that we've started or to cover the nutritionist or any one of these disciplines is not the best solution because it creates multiple insurance policies in a silo which all have vicarious connections to the business, the center, facility and the owners. The Doctors Insurance Agency recommends:

Coverage for the entire facility or individuals operating in single or multiple locations. The policy can include professional liability, general liability, sexual misconduct, property, and other ancillary coverages.