Can I Work for a Telemed Company?

November 30, 2016

Our agency has been finding Telemedicine Medical Professional Liability Insurance Solutions since 2002 (when a couple of innovative thinkers in the Silicon Valley in California (who happened to be Radiologists) decided that there was a business opportunity in providing Radiology services between Midnight and Eight in the morning.

We needed to endorse and expand their medical professional liability policy so that it was manageable (easy to add and inclusive of tail when their physicians cancelled). The policy covering Telemedicine organizations, insuring them against medical malpractice claims had to be flexible and affordable.

We work with a number of companies Kinsale, Beazely, Admiral, Evanston, Pro Assurance, The Doctors’ Company, MedPro, Hiscox…All rated A- and Financial Class XI and higher. (750 M in assets or higher)

Our Telemedicine Medical Professional Liability policies are rated by counting revenue and consultations. The roster ‘endorsement of coverage is flexible;

( you can exclude physicians who can add the work they are doing for your organization to their own private policies)or like many of our organizations you gradually build a roster of providers.

The premium is developed by counting consultations and revenue not physicians. (which means the premiums for telemedicine organizations are affordable)

The policies generally have one limit to protect the entity and in another limit (shared by the physicians ) with 1 million per claim available (this is an affordable method of rating)

You can also structure it so that each provider on your roster has their own separate limit of insurance. Shared policy limits are affordable and they still offer one limit per claim!...which makes them favored in the industry niches of urgent care, emergency, endoscopy centers and telemedicine organization medical professional liability insurance.

Arguably, the most important feature, is that the doctors can come and go on and off of the policy without triggering the prohibitively expensive tail insurance.

Tail coverage is provided as long as the policy is in force. (there is a separate tail offering ultimately when the entire policy cancels.