Choosing the Best Carrier for Your Medical Spa

June 25, 2021

The Doctors Insurance Agency has over 35 years of experience in helping physicians, estheticians, and other practitioners by traversing them through the vast field of Medical Malpractice Insurance Companies that are competing for your business. Whether you’re an independent contractor, or solo operator looking for coverage, a fully staffed facility, or a large chain of Spas located in more than one state.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has what it takes to assist you in finding the right Medical Spa Professional Liability coverage at the best premium possible. Since each risk has its own specific requirements, our agents take a custom approach to finding the right Medical Spa Professional Liability Insurance policy for you.

Some carriers look at revenues and the numbers for each procedure for the coming year – something as a new operation you’ll need to estimate. We, The Doctors Insurance Agency recommend taking a conservative approach with your protections as long as you include all procedures you expect to offer.

The major difference between carriers is how they rate the risk. Some programs charge for each type of procedure, and each operator/practitioner separately. It starts with a low minimum premium and it will add premium for each staff member based on the services they perform. Other carriers will start with a higher minimum premium but it only covers the owners, Medical Directors, and non-physician staff under the same premium, regardless of the number of employees.

Here are some questions that will help guide you in the process:

  1. Do you need coverage for just for yourself or for a business entity with multiple operators & staff?
  2. How may practitioners/operators need coverage?
  3. Will you need to cover a Medical Director?
  4. Do you need to provide coverage for a Physician?
  5. When do you need the coverage in force?

As we receive your responses, we should be able to work with our underwriters and find you an affordable Medical Spa Professional Liability Insurance.