Chronic Care Management Telemedicine Liability Insurance

January 20, 2023

Telemedicine has made it easier for physicians and other chronic care professionals to provide the necessary interventions and solutions to manage patients. According to the Health Sciences Institute: Lifestyle choices and chronic conditions are now the biggest threats to public health and sustainable healthcare costs.

Working with healthcare professionals and using technical medical devices that can measure sensitive levels for chronic care patients is imperative to patient success. Chronic Care Management requires interdisciplinary health care teams—trained in wellness, disease management, and chronic care.

In the U.S., 75% of all health care costs are due to chronic disease, and an estimated 85% of avoidable costs are somehow related to health behaviors.

The providers specializing in the chronic care management are increasingly dependent on healthcare technology to access,  interact with-  and measure important levels for so many vulnerable patients.

From primary care pediatrics to long-term care, technology helps physicians with patient engagement. 

According to Med decision, a healthcare online journal:

  • Advances in healthcare technology,
  • the impact of a pandemic,
  • and growing expectations from consumers to have health care meet them where they live and work means big changes for care management moving forward.

Implementing strategies/ actionable data Devices collecting information from chronic care patients build a foundation for increasing access, even to performance reviews of providers (which will improve the quality of care), and reducing costs.

To support telehealth organizations specializing in CCM, the Doctor’s Insurance Agency works with custom programs. 

These Telemedicine Malpractice Insurance´╗┐ programs provide liability insurance for the bodily injury claims resulting from allegations of medical negligence and allegations of technical failure.

Telemedicine malpractice insurance policies contain limits of liability that cover four types of claims:

  • Diagnosis liability insurance
  • Delivery of care liability insurance
  • Data breach liability
  • Devices that might fail liability insurance

 These areas are common to all technical medical healthcare organizations.

 The custom policies respond to these claims with:

  • medical professional
  • technical professional
  • cyber security, and
  • technical devices liability policies.

 Underpinning all of this insurance is the flexible and imperative blanket provider endorsement.

Chronic care management is a growing field. It is essential to have a policy that can accommodate medical doctors and health care professionals working on behalf of the organization.

The policy should have the occurrence element that is unique to telehealth malpractice contracts.

Leveraging technology across different specialties improves the quality of care and the quality of life of so many patients who battle chronic conditions.

This is a growing and significant part of the healthcare economy.

The Doctors Insurance Agency custom tele-medical malpractice insurance programs can help your organization manage growth and insure all providers properly.

Building and meeting the demands of your growing chronic care telehealth organization requires a policy that provides secure coverage for each MD you recruit.

The Doctor’s Insurance Agency will partner with your human resources department and explain the benefits of the insurance policy to each professional provider that you recruit.

This partnership and expertise helps you save money as you scale to meet demand.