Clinical Research Organizations Help to Advance Medicine and Improve/Extend the Quality of Lives.

March 05, 2015

There are many opinions about the ‘means to the ends’; and, the hallmark of the American Healthcare System is its innovative discover and technology, leading to higher quality of lives for our society in general as well as those living with chronic disease.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency is proud of our work in this niche of clinical research. There are physicians who supplement their income and use their credentials and education to work as investigators for large Research Organizations.

There are physician entrepreneurs who build start up clinical research organizations to help fill this growing need. Pharmaceuticals are always supplying capital for studies, and the contracts with the Clinical Research Organizations (CRo’s require entity liability insurance and individual limits (or, large limit shared professional liability coverage) evidencing insurance for all of those associated with the research. Our competitive programs can solve the contracting condition within a week.

Minimum Premiums for Startup Clinical Research Organizations. We’ve helped start up organizations with minimum premium policies of $ 2,500 per year for limits of 1 Million / 3 Million with a low level deductible. The premium will grow as the number of subjects, the revenue, the procedures involved with the subjects of the sturdy grows and expands. We have CRO’s with contracts with Sponsor Organizations, in one year adding investigators and procedures as their work grows.

Multiple contracts for principal investigators covered by one Professional liability insurance policy Physicians, once insured are covered to add work as investigators, often resulting in no increase in premium. We have pathologists contracting with Hospital Foundations to do the procedures outlined in the double blind samples, we have non-medical professionals working to contract with Sponsors, bringing together physicians’ expert in the necessary field, insuring the entity with a shared limit covering all investigators needed to complete the work of the trial can help expedite the pace of the trial. Phase I clinical trial services, and nonclinical consulting, helping clients increase efficiencies and accelerate the drug discovery and development process.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency has been specializing in healthcare organization and individual practitioner professional liability insurance for over 25 years. We are using our wide, national network of companies to give us access to the necessary boutique insurers, knowledgeable underwriters and Carriers with the appetite to write the policies. We are ready to go to work for you as an independent contractor or principal in a clinical research organization looking to bind professional liability insurance.

Our scientific expertise and experience as well as wide range of equipment and services enable us to meet clients’ drug discovery needs.