Clinical Trial. Drug Discovery

December 20, 2016

Clinical trial. Drug discovery. Contract research organization. Sponsors. Preclinical research. Drug approval. Many people have only a vague idea what these words mean. This important work is how life-changing drugs get to patients — and the important role played by the contract research organization (CRO).

The Doctors Insurance Agency is proud of our developing experience working with Medical Malpractice Insurance companies to endorse the work of our policyholders by including clinical trial work on our medical malpractice insurance policies.

Or, for more complete coverage, you might be a contract research organizations or a site management organization needing to satisfy the insurance requirements set forth by the Sponsor.

We work with specialty insurance companies like Beazley Lloyd's of London to provide competitive quotes for clinical trial liability.

Depending on the projected revenue or the number of participants and/or the length of the trial

  • The premiums can average as low as $1000 annual premium per year.

To submit to our companies we just require in clinical trial liability insurance application, consent forms or a copy of the contract with the sponsor in order to get you an accurate quote.

We are ready to work to obtain your Clinical Trial Liability Insurance to get you ready and compliant with the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, academic or government organization investing in this important work.