Communication between physicians: Successful Planning and Patient Care.

Communication between physicians: Successful Planning and Patient Care.

August 26, 2011

The Doctors Insurance Agency is ...well sort of a single tasking agency, which is to say we just focus on Healthcare liability risk management, risk transfer and personally and professionally protecting the physicians bringing their life's work to the many patients who need them.

We are in Northern California, and we are quick to travel wherever we need to go in order to solve our physician's problems.

Protecting your office with Office Overhead Insurance ensures that there are no communication errors between physicians when one of the doctors has to go out on claim. A short term disability can throw an undue burden on to the practice, leaving thousands of expenses on to the physician partners remaining to pick up the slack. With an Office Overhead Insurance policy, there is money available, from the insurance company to cover the disabled partner's share of the expenses, share of the rent, part of the salary of the assistants, supplies and even to help fund the salary of a Locum Tenens Physician to come in and take his place during his recovery.

The Doctors Insurance Agency of California can help you decide how much reimbursement in expenses (the monthly benefit) you will need. The premiums for Office Overhead Insurance are very affordable, similar to Business Loss Interruption insurance. The Business Insurance designed and activated by our policyholders combined with a strong risk management discipline in the office is the right combination to protect against disputes and problems.
Related to the communication problems that can develop internally and equally as important as financial protocol directing discussion about important issues is the 'patient hand off' discussions between physicians within the same office or even across states.

Recently, a physician lost a 500,000 K lawsuit because of failure to call or review the other physician's file notes. The value of Communication with non local physicians coordinating management is essential to successful patient care. If direct communication is not possible, then it is better to at least plan and act conservatively when interpreting outside care, lab results, imaging results and even aesthetic skin care / MediSpas results.

Whether you are protecting the financial health of your practice or the medical services that define and sustain your practice, communication and some insurance products and protocol can make the difference between smooth transitions and disaster.
The Doctors Insurance Agency has the products, perseverance and the expertise to advocate for you to peruse the right insurance policies..