Compliance Helper

Compliance Helper

May 10, 2011

One of our consulting partners, Compliance Helper ™ has created a ‘disruptive innovation’ using a cloud computing model and a personal assistant to help your medical practice get compliant and remain compliant and prove compliance,

in this new highly regulated and demanding post hi tec legislative era.

Ask us about working with Compliance Helper’s Security and Privacy expert to deliver a complete privacy and information security program including compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, Red Flags Rule, and many other regulations.

With the government’s renewed focus on confidentiality of ‘e records’ (a tightening of Hipaa’s requirement of protecting patient records from 1996), medical practices are hustling to implement and learn all that they can.

The Doctors’ Insurance Agency has compliance programs that you can self initiate by going online with TDC and/or, we can arrange for one of the experts to work with you on an affordable monthly plan to be your ‘in house’ compliance experts.

Protect your practice from the Hi Tech Guidelines requiring an approved privacy program and initiate an affordable insurance policy to bring expert defense and insurance to fund any investigations or actual breaches of your e records.