Cosmetic Nurse, Registered Nurse Starting Aesthetic Services

September 20, 2018

Cosmetic Nurse, Registered Nurse starting Aesthetic Services need smart affordable professional liability policies.

If you're an RN about to start your own business or begin slowly and work as an independent contractor performing cosmetic injectable and dermabrasion or micro needling, (or other aesthetic procedures).

If you're an RN doing any of the following: Injection of Botox including for Hyperhidrosis, Masseters, and/or Platysmal Bands, Dermal Fillers including in the Ear Lobes or Hands, Vitamins/Supplements, Sclerotherapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), IV Therapy with or with light, Chelation Therapy, Flu Shots, Blood Draws, Injection of a Mesotherapy Solution and/or Kybella.

The Doctors' Insurance Agency has experience in finding you the best Cosmetic Nurse and Estheticians Professional Liability insurance company for your business model.

What about your Medical Director providing administrative support, supervision over your aesthetic nurse work?

Many RN's need to work with an M.D. supervisor in order to purchase the fillers. Although some Medical Doctors have their own Medical Director Professional Liability insurance policies to cover them, many do not.

As the RN doing the aesthetic work, you should be the lead on this purchase. This problem can be solved for As low as $ 500.00 (as long as there is no direct patient care and the medical director is not providing intake service or direct supervision of healthcare providers in your spa practice. You can obtain a policy for under $ 2,000 annual premium to cover you for your complete Cosmetic practice, your medical director and your general liability responsibility to the landlord. You can even purchase an inexpensive property and liability policy to insure the laser equipment or art work or computers in your spa location.

Tail insurance for an Aesthetic Nurse providing injectables.

And, if a claim is presented in the future based on services that you provided while this policy was in force, you're covered with no extra tail insurance purchased.

Tail insurance is the “not so nice” part of purchasing professional liability insurance; and, if you have a liability policy in force, you'll need a tail policy to respond to any claim that might be presented in the future based on services you performed during the policy period. A necessity if you have a claims-made policy. However, we are also able to provide 'occurrence' liability policies.

If occurrence policies are at all affordable, then you should purchase one!... Whether you are a surgeon or nurse, a business owner or employee, when you do the work, you're the one who will be named in the claim (for negligence). And, that claim against you might come months after the procedure is finished.

Bodily Injury Professional Liability claims against Cosmetic Registered Nurses

These 'bodily injury' ( BI) claims can be nuisances that don't go away until the right legal team partnered with experienced claims representatives are available to respond on your behalf.

In the healthcare industry (which this service falls into), the claims are for bodily injury (even disappointed aesthetic results present as claims for bodily injury as they usually involve some allegation of redness, skin pigmentation or disfigurement of some kind), even if there is no merit at all to the claim, the expenses can mount quickly.

And, sometimes, you can find that even though you did everything right, there is a new unexpected reaction to a filler or a new laser or some cream that was meant only as a post treatment salve. The Medical Protective Company and Lloyds of London and Admiral (amongst a few) have years of responding to these types of claims. These insurance companies carefully study the types of claims, and the trends in nuisance or 'quick money' attempts to take advantage of good people in an industry that is new and unknown to some. Insurance Carriers that are experienced and familiar with the space save thousands in defense by deploying smart people and accessing the resources necessary to respond and win on your behalf. All of this work in response to sometimes baseless allegations of malfeasance on your part costs money and time and can take away from your peace of mind.

Obviously, if you're searching for answers online then you understand the need for this insurance; and...we would like to help you by answering the important questions about limits of insurance, supervision (your medical director might need to be included in your coverage), naming your landlord as additional insured and whether you have a claims made or occurrence policy and what on earth that means!