Data Theft Can Affect your Medical Practice

June 23, 2021

Data theft, also known as Cyber-attack, can absolutely impact your clinic in many incapacitating ways. Recent times have presented an uptick on attacks on the healthcare industry, and it is imperative to be aware of how this can affect your medical practice.

Physicians and other healthcare entities are increasingly exposed to privacy related claims and incidents as lost laptops, rogue employees, hacking and virus attacks which can result in a costly loss.

The Doctors Insurance Agency has 10 experienced Medical Professional Liability Insurance agents and offers you Network Security & Privacy Insurance also known as Data Breach Insurance. This coverage will protect physicians and healthcare facilities with legal defense and indemnity against regulatory and liability claims arising from theft, loss, or accidental transmission of confidential patients or financial information.

A cyber-attack can damage your internal electronic systems, as well as render the data stored on your computer, causing the data to be inaccessible or deleted from its respective file. As a result of a cyber incident, you may also be investigated by a regulator, sued by a third party, and/or need to restore your systems and digital assets.

Are you protected from cyber attacks?

Often in recent times, hackers have been stealing sensitive data accompanied by threats to publicly share the contents unless they are paid in ransom. Most people do not see those funds again if they are not covered properly by their Cyber Liability Insurance.

More medical practices are purchasing or at least considering a Cyber Liability Insurance policy to cover the substantial costs of a cyber event. Medical Malpractice Insurance policies can provide basic coverage for this threat, but many practices have found that their vulnerabilities have grown to the point where they are looking for a standalone Cyber Liability Insurance policy to better meet their needs.

We have been representing physicians, osteopaths, paramedical providers, clinics and many miscellaneous healthcare organizations for nearly three decades. The Doctors Insurance Agency is working in partnership with our underwriters can help you find a comprehensive Cyber Liability Insurance Policy.