Does a Cosmetic Nurse Esthetician Need Their Own Professional Liability Insurance Policy?

March 03, 2017

A question that is asked often of our national healthcare liability brokerage team: (especially by our Cosmetic Technicians, Nurses, Estheticians)

Do I Really Need My Own Insurance Policy?

I think in our experience, the answer to this question is YES, whether it's a medical Doctor who has independent contractor agreements to provide hands-on direct patient care or for medical director services .. or whether it is a nurse aesthetician or mid-level provider working in a MediSpa or wellness setting - the premiums are generally under $3,000 a year often less than $1,500, this is what leads us to answer yes

YES, the best protection is always your OWN POLICY - IN YOUR NAME. Some employed RNs , Mid Levels or other ‘non’ M.D.s may be listed as an “additional insured” on their employer’s insurance policy. But unless you are the OWNER of the policy, your interests could likely be viewed as secondary to your employer, the clinic or the office who owns the policy - should a claim arise.

Anytime our Nurse Estheticians feel that they may be ‘subordinated’ or their insurance a subset of a policyholder, we advise they consider their own separate policy.

Normally insurance policies respond. The defense attorneys and the claim representatives are vigorous in their defense …

and there are situations when a medical assistant or other medical personnel working under the group policy can be subordinated to the defense of the interest of the owner -- that logic supports the decision to purchase your own policy.

The Right policy for Cosmetic Nurses, Wellness Centers and Paramedical Providers

With a growing demand for nurses, aestheticians and other para medical personnel, The Doctors’ Insurance Agency Is well-positioned and very experienced in finding appropriate and affordable and stable insurance solutions.

A Growing Market in Healthcare which will need medical professional liability insurance:

Even if funding is reduced, there will be private investment continued innovative models of healthcare.There is confusion in the marketplace at least in regards to the federally funded affordable care act and the many (arguably millions) of Americans covered … and therefore able to visit medical groups clinics and wellness centers across America for healthcare. It is uncertain whether it will be enough funding. There are some facts about the demographics of providers of healthcare and the demands that support strong double-digit growth in this market , this is an important time to recruit and support careers in healthcare and with that growth comes the need for specialty insurance products that respond affordably and are written a flexible form in order to respond and defend the services provided by these healthcare workers.

The Pressures Of Change In American Healthcare. Why we need more MidLevel, Primary Care and Nurses, Nearly HALF of America’s 830,000 physicians are over age 50 and are seeing fewer patients than they did just four years ago! Did you know that within the next 15 years, the population of Americans aged 65+ will DOUBLE to 71.5 million? And that of the 47 million currently uninsured Americans - 26 million are projected to be added to the healthcare system by 2022? As population ages, there's a greater need for primary care physicians, but the United States has a growing SHORTAGE of primary care doctors - about 16,000 fewer than needed as of 2013. These trends will not be reversed anytime soon. Demands and responsibilities within the healthcare system will only increase and especially so for RNs who are on the front lines of clinical care. The need for quality malpractice coverage has never been more essential.

The Doctors Insurance Agency is working hard with our partners to continue bringing these solutions to all of our allied healthcare clients.