Emergency Doctors In Demand

August 01, 2012

In the midst of figuring out whether we will implement Healthcare reform, what it will look like, who and how and what amounts of reimbursements will support the services provided by our physicians, One challenge remains, people need healthcare. Because people have dropped their healthcare due to economic cut backs.

More and more patients in desperate need of care are presenting in the Emergency Departments across America. And, as in all issues in the medical malpractice insurance world, where the money is, so goes the claims, the policies and the premium. Once the periphery of the medical malpractice insurance niche, the stuff of joint underwriting authorities and risk retention groups, now the standard carriers, like The Doctors Company have figured out how to present these polices, how to rate them, price them and even provide for tail insurance. Hospital employment of Emergency doctors continues at a fast pace as the number of visits remains at an all time high. The Doctors Insurance Agency has been working for emergency departments for 20 years. Let us work for your group, there is an affordable methodology, there is room to grow without the burden of tail following each recruit. And there are premium savings in these professional liability physician policies for emergency departments. Even if the emergency doctors are being pushed into an expanded role of providing care as primary physicians or urgent care doctors, emergency acuity requires the proper physicians. They are in demand.

Emergency department visits increased from approximately 124 Million in 2008, to 136 Million in 2009, while office visits during that same time declined by 4.7% and 4.2 %. The national health institute survey revealed that the visits were primarily in the 18 -64 age group, and the reasons cited are that they do not have health care coverage. Presenting in the emergency department was/is the only way for them to receive services needed, medications and attention during medical crises. There are three relatively lightly formed risk retention groups which are presently writing this business. The Doctors Company originally developed the concept of per patient rated emergency department rating, regardless of the number of physicians on the policy, required to staff the 24 hour care, our patient visit acuity appropriate premiums are a true measure of the risk. We collect only that risk developed. And, the cost of tail is gradually diminished, discounted and amortized into a departed physician roster. The Doctors Insurance Agency is poised to help your emergency group wherever your hospital is located.